What's Going On?

Google Images: Devastation from Bomb Attack in Mogadishu, Somalia

I may talk about music and culture, It is my way to ease the pain with all the things I see going on in this world. But it is too much to ignore, last weekend there was bomb explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia. As of right now it has been reported that 300 lives has been lost due the terrorist attack.

I do my best to keep up with what is going on, whether it's in pop culture, local or national news. And with this recent terrorist attack. The one thing I don't see flooding up and down my time lines on my social media feed. Is  #PrayForSomalia, that is something that is very scarce across the feeds. But I bet your bottom dollar I can see the endless memes of bitches not being shit and its numerous likes.

That goes without fail, I posted a few links about this horrific incident and all I have heard is crickets. If I posted a joke and made fun of reality star. It would have been likes and comments galore. I am not telling people what to post or to talk about on social media. What I am saying is that a broader conversation need to be had in these times.

I have never been to the continent of Africa, I have never been to island of Puerto Rico. With the recent tragedies and climate issues impacting these places. I do care. I just wish more people did as well. I don't know what I can do at this time to better aid and assist those in need. I will do my research to find out how. But In the meantime I can use my platform to bring awareness to these issues at hand.

May sound corny or cliché, and I don't care, I wish and will continue to pray for world peace. Not just country I live in. I am playing for our planet. In every part of the world something tragic has been happening. From the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and the Island of Puerto Rico. To the Wild fires that's is taken place in Northern California. To the mass shootings in Las Vegas, NV. To the attacks
in the United Kingdom and all to what we are seeing in Mogadishu, Somalia. I am praying for all and in every corner of this world.

Climate change is real and is happening, people are unraveling on a day to day basis. Things are fallen apart all around and in the worlds of the late great Prince. "That's when you find out you're better off makin sure soul is alright" - (Money Don't Matter Tonight)

Praying for better days.......


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