Google Images: Top image: Girls Trip, Bottom Image: HBO Insecure

In the past week the box office and television has been grace with the presence of seeing African American female friendship on the big and small screen. Most recently and long overdue female buddy comedy Girls Trip, starring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett- Smith, Regina Hall & Tiffany Haddish. A tale of four friends who comes together and go down to the Essence fest. Along the way there is a lot of laughter, debauchery and most importantly camaraderie amongst friends.

In the land of TV one of my favorite shows returned back for it's  second season and that is Insecure that airs on HBO. Created by Issa Rae and she is also the star of the show. One of the main draws for many viewers of the show. Is the characters Issa and her best friend Molly played by Yvonne Orji. In the first season we had a chance to see the up and downs of Issa and Molly friendship.

In watching both film and show, it made me reflect on my own life. And the friendships I had through the years. The truest friendships I have experienced in my life time came from my siblings. As child I just looked at them as my brother and sister. But as I got older I realized they have been my real best friends. When I decided to make the move from Buffalo to  Phoenix. They were my biggest supporters.

Never under estimate the bond between siblings, nothing can surpass it. And it took me being away living in Phoenix for the last seven years to realize that. A part of reflecting on my own and other friendships over the years. I realized I never really had a clique of female friends at the same time. I have had periods where I was like extra friend who tagged along in already certified cliques.

My Junior high school years, probably was my most consistent set of friends, sad right, but it is true. During the years I had my young sista girl circle. in those three years I had the same friends, sat at lunch with them. During assemblies at school I sat in the same row with my friends. Class field trips we always sat in the same section on the bus.

In the early years of school I hated it, as I got older and started to come out my shell a little more I wasn't so bad. By sixth, seventh and eight grade, I had something to look forward to. All good things come to an end, my friends that I adored moved on. We started high school, some ended up going to the same schools. I was the odd ball who end up going to a different schools.

One of my friends from Jr. High ended up coming to same high school I was at. As the school year went on and sophomore came around, I ended up transferring schools and end losing contact with my friend. As the high school years was wrapping up I had friends, but I was never apart of any cliques. I was cool with everybody, but I was always the lone star.

I did have one friend from Jr. High that stayed in touch with me through out the years, we ended up going to different high schools. But we always remained in contact, over time I would end calling her my best friend. At the time that was the most consistent friend I had, the one that always came around, the one who called and checked up on me. 

Also the friend who convinced me to take a gamble and leave the hometown we grew up in. My friend was already here in AZ for a few years at the time. I came to visit her during my birthday in 2009 and fell in love with city of Phoenix. By 2010 I was fed up with my hometown, hated my job, prince charming was no where to be found. Not a lot opportunity in what I was looking for and quite frankly I was over old man winter and his never ending bullshit during the cold Buffalo winters.

 My best friend made the life changing call that changed everything for me and now I am here in   Phoenix. As far as my best friend, that is not my best friend anymore. And you all are probably wondering well what happened? In all honesty you would probably find out before I will. Long story short we had an fallen out. And that happens, seasons come, seasons go. Sometimes people enter each others lives for a reason, season and a life time.

And the season has ended on that friendship. As the years passed of me being in AZ,  in all honesty we truly grew apart as friends. Now let me say this don't feel bad for me, I do have friends and actually some truly awesome ones. I don't have the sisterhood of friends like the characters in Girls Trip or the bond like characters Issa and Molly in Insecure.

After all those are characters in a TV show and a film, this is my real life and what I do have is individual friendships and siblings that love me and that what matters at the end of the day.