Sign Of The Times!

 Google Images: Joe Budden and Migos BET Gray Carpet Incident

Sunday June 25th 2017 was the 17th Annual BET awards celebrating the best and the brightest in Music, sports and entertainment. This year was an interesting year for the BET awards, more interesting than past awards shows.

No Gospel Representation During Live Broadcast: Since The incarnation of Black Entertainment Television, long before the award show became a staple on the network. The genre of gospel music has always had it place on BET. From the Bobby Jones Show to Lift Every Voice. Gospel music and the artist has always had a presence. Every year on the award show there has always been performances from Yolanda Adamas, Marvin Sapp, Mary Mary just to name a few.

This year gospel music was a no go during live broadcast and it was the next day when I realized what someone on twitter mentioned and saying the show was missing that element. Others chimed in to point out that gospel artist received their awards earlier in the daytime. Isn't that interesting? BET moving like the Grammy's awards. Insignificant categories get the earlier in the daytime treatment.
I don't expect the gospel category to comeback to the live broadcast for future shows. That has been a long time coming.

Changing Of The Guard: I seen Less Old School , Saw More New School:  - Let me say this I am all about new things and change. I love discovering new music and artist, I also love the music and artist that I grew up with. In my mind it is room for everyone to be an artist no matter the era they are from. Some my disagree with that, but good music is good music my friend. I notice on my social media platforms and the common theme was this: "I am only watching to see New Edition", "I am here for Mary Blige", "Waiting on Xscape reunion"  "I don't even know who the rest of the folks is"

I think collectively no matter the age, we all was here for the Bruno Mars performance  my man killed his set. BET awards has always been an high energy show, that is nothing new. But this year the vibe to me was very youth focused as far as the artist and performances. With this award show I was use to seeing the balance and range of different celebrities. Newer acts and performers dominated the show and the audience.

I wouldn't say it bittersweet, but living in time where everything is in our face via social media etc. There has always been transitions of changes in music and entertainment. But to see how abruptly everything has changed in one award show is fascinating. Even though this time has been coming, the new regime is here and ever present, but I embrace it.

Give Them The Flowers Now!: -  As we all know 1/2 of rap duo Mobb Deep, Prodigy passed away in Las Vegas Nevada on June 20th. Before the award was presented for best male rap artist. Prodigy partner Havoc and fellow artist also collaborator Lil Kim came out and spoke on the loss of Prodigy and what he meant to the culture and that was it. Now the nominee for best male rap artist... I get Prodigy just passed away was not expecting a live performance or anything. But on the real we couldn't get a photo montage and a moment of silence.

Love the fact that Kendrick won in that category, didn't have to be a category or award given at moment just pay homage. Like Master P mentioned a week or so prior before his death, Prodigy or Mobb Deep was probably not even going to be no where near let alone at the BET awards. Was they even going to be at this year BET Hip -Hop awards? Pretty sure now there will be more of a fit tribute for Prodigy by the time the Hip-Hop awards come on. Let celebrate people while they are here.

Fight Club: -  Last friday it all started when Safaree Samuels ex boyfriend of Nicki Minaj posted online that Meek Mills squad jumped him outside of the DJ Khaled party. It was reported that ASAP Rocky was attacked a night club. Migos almost got into it with Joe Budden during the red carpet interview with complex news. Then it was an fight that almost broke out after the award show between Migos entourage and Chris Brown entourage.

A lot of tension was happening surrounding the BET awards weekend. The situation that sticks out to me the most is when complex news: DJ Akademiks, Nedeska Alexis and Joe Budden was interviewing Migos. Prior to the uproar that happened, the interview was awkward as hell. I've seen Migos interviews in the past and that is not their forte.

Having them sit with somebody they don't like which is Joe Budden didn't help. Then on top of that DJ Akademiks asking Takeoff about being off the song "Bad & Boujee"and being in jail. He is the YouTube guy that is use to sitting behind a screen and a keyboard. Putting him in front of guys he idolizes (Shrugs shoulders). Made the already awkward interview more awkward.

Overall why is that at our award shows and events there is some type of malay happening? From the source awards to BET awards, folks want to act a fool. That is getting old, we have to get better, and uplift and celebrate the culture and keep it moving forward.

There was some good moments, the New Edition life achievement segment was good and the performance of the real New Edition with the cast that portrayed them in the movie. Xscape reunion was good to see, looking forward to the new project. Chance The Rapper receiving the humanitarian award for all his acomplishment and achievements was great to see. He was is also the youngest to receive the award. El Debarge singing George Michael "Careless Whisper" was pure gold well at least me. I love George, I love El Debarge as well.

In conclusion the new wave is in full effect, these are the signs of the times!


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