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Sign Of The Times!

Google Images: Joe Budden and Migos BET Gray Carpet Incident

Sunday June 25th 2017 was the 17th Annual BET awards celebrating the best and the brightest in Music, sports and entertainment. This year was an interesting year for the BET awards, more interesting than past awards shows.

No Gospel Representation During Live Broadcast: Since The incarnation of Black Entertainment Television, long before the award show became a staple on the network. The genre of gospel music has always had it place on BET. From the Bobby Jones Show to Lift Every Voice. Gospel music and the artist has always had a presence. Every year on the award show there has always been performances from Yolanda Adamas, Marvin Sapp, Mary Mary just to name a few.

This year gospel music was a no go during live broadcast and it was the next day when I realized what someone on twitter mentioned and saying the show was missing that element. Others chimed in to point out that gospel artist received their awards earlier in the…

No Such Thing As Half Way Crooks: R.I.P Prodigy

Google Images: Prodigy of Mobb Deep
June is historically known as Black Music Month, A time when music of the African American culture is celebrated. Well it use to be like that, There use to be different music specials that would come on and many album releases would come out during this time.

The music nerd in me still looks forward to this time of year even though things in music has changed greatly I still celebrate Black Music Month. Well this year this month on June 20th. Hip-Hop has lost a very valuable member of the community. Albert Johnson better known as Prodigy, 1/2 of rap duo Mobb Deep passed away at the age of 42 years old.

Currently as of late his death is still being reported that the cause may have been due complications of sickle cell anemia. Prodigy was born with the disease and if anyone is familiar with Mobb Deep music. He has rapped numerous times about dealing with sickle cell anemia. Prodigy and Tboz from TLC who also suffers from the disease. Has to me in my …

Behind The Groove! EP 3 - Michael Jackson Hour

In celebration of black music month, host Lady T and J. Jones with special guest Tekei. Discuss the legacy and impact of Micheal Jackson. On June 25th 2009, the day that music changed when Micheal Jackson passed away. Join the host as they give their thoughts on the King of Pop.
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Don't Disturb This Groove! EP 10 - Easy Breezy Jams

Don't This Disturb Groove! Is hosted by Lady T, she is a lover of all things R&B. Join her on this journey to bring R&B back to the forefront and into the valley. Tune in every 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday each month. This show will feature R&B music, from the past present and future.
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Is it Too Late? : Aaliyah Music & Legacy

Google Images: Aaliyah, 2001
I was listening to a music podcast earlier in the week and there was a segment where the hosts of the show ask the question would anyone be interested in new music from Aaliyah? The general answer amongst the host was a no. Fears of music sounding dated and the fact there is a whole new generation.

Me personally I would love to hear some unreleased music from Aaliyah's music catalog. Here is the thing I am bias, I am not a casual fan, I am an avid fan. I grew up on her music, I felt a big loss in music when she passed away. But that is just me, so I am always going to want to hear some new music from her catalog.

However it has to have the right production behind it, back in 2012 when Drake and his producer 40 Shebib released an unreleased Aaliyah track "Enough Said" I loved it, I thought it was dope. Then there was talk of a possible full Aaliyah album produced by Drake and his team. Well that came to abrupt end due to conflict with family …

Next Episode: Don't This Groove!

Saturday June 3rd @ 4pm MST on is the next episode 9 of Don't Disturb This Groove! Hosted by Lady T. In this songs will be featured from R&B legends that are gone but are not forgotten!