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Photo Source: Tashema's Phone,  The Party Tour, Chris Brown

I love music, and if you read this blog, I am pretty sure you know that. And when I get the chance I love going to concerts. Last Monday May 15th 2017, I took a trip to downtown Phoenix for a night of live music at the arena. Typically the headliner that was performing that night, in past instances I would not even have thought twice about to his concert.

I would have shrugged my shoulders been like meh I'm good. In the beginning of Chris Brown career, he was a sweet and charming young boy with sprit of Michael Jackson in his dance moves. By 2005 I was already in my twenties, and already out of the bubble gum music phase. Don't get me wrong, I would tap my toes to, "Run it, Wall to Wall, Poppin, Kiss, Kiss" to name a few.

But then in early 2009, something that know one expected happened and that was Chris Brown abused singer Rihanna. What a crazy time that was, I remember hearing the news and thinking oh wow this is bad, neither one of them would recover from this issue. Domestic Violence is not something to play with, whether if it's a woman or man, is the victim of it.

At that point, not that I had a lot of Interest In Chris Brown, but the little bit I did have went away, because I thought it was foul what he did. It was wrong and unfair, I was taking no sides, I felt horrible for Rihanna. Many people at the time said she caused this, it was her fault and the usual victim blaming that happens in this society.

Time passed and that controversy died down, but for Chris Brown the controversy kept on coming along for the singer. So at this point I made up my mind, because with all his gifts and talents, Chris attitude towards his antics was not remorseful, after the Rihanna situation I thought he would humble himself.

Nope not the case from this brother, he still released endless amounts of music, and yes he made some more toe tapping songs. I cannot lie on that, the man makes hits, Fine China was a sound I was hoping he made more of in future songs. Well he didn't and that is okay, so when the opportunity to attend the Chris Brown tour feat Fabolous and others. I said to myself, you know what live, go do something.

I wanted to see Fabolous, I dig his music, so I got a ticket to the show, I arrived to the location of the show. And I tell you I seen all walks of life and all ages entering into the building. Not something I had not seen before at concerts. But I assumed that a lot of the concert goers was going to be a younger demographic.

That is why we should not assume, comedian DC Young Fly came out and had us rocking to the Backstreet Boys. Yes he really did, hey don't lie to yourself, "I want it that way" is a pop classic, don't front. Then rappers Casanova, OT Genesis, Kap G did their own sets and like the energy of the crowd. I to was in the thought of are y'all done yet?

Then my boy Fabolous hit the stage,  looking fly as always and he went through the hits, I was rocking and rapping a long. Hey I do enjoy good hip hop music, so Fab wrapped up his set and then the man of the hour came out. Chris Brown made a grand entrance, doing acrobatics coming from the ceiling.

The stage was in the middle and it gave Chris and his dancers plenty of room to light that stage up with foot loose and fancy free dance moves. He went through his hits, "Deuces, Ayo, Loyal, Take You Down, Right Back to sleep". I had a chance to look around at the audience as Chris was performing. People truly love this young man and his music.

Non stop screaming and cheers as the show went on, Iwas pretty much impressed Chris Brown and his live performance. Being at the show made me realize not to judge a book by it's cover, I was really pleased with the show. It opened me up to Mr. Brown and made me pay attention to his talent, focus on the artisty and not the controversy.

My final thoughts, Chris Brown is a great live performer, and my hope for him going forward is that he focus on his gifts and strive to be positive. Through everything he has been through and people still adore him. Not many artists can bounce back from such controversies and maintain a focused and loyal fan base.  

We will never have another Michael Jackson ever again in this life, I am not saying Chris Brown is the next Michael Jackson. He is the next Chris Brown, and in this generation there are not a lot of music entertainers that put their all into their live show. Especially in this day and age, so my message to Chris, stay focused you are blessed.

The one downside is that he did not perform "Fine  China" that his greatest song (don't debate me!) That probably would have been a killer set. Well maybe next time Mr. Brown, I'll be at the next show!


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