Pop Goes The Weasel

Google Images: Miley during her Bangerz Promo Run

Hip Hop the global phenomenon no one ever expected it to be, I remember at one point in time to be apart of hip hop culture. A person art had to be good to be apart of such an important culture that was booming. We seen all the bumps and bruises that has been experienced in the culture.

Often intimated, and in the last decade or so heavily duplicated by many. Pop acts crossing over to hip-hop music. That has never been nothing new, but when they realize that they never fit in a world they was never cut out for them, it  is now all of sudden a problem.

Pop darling Miley Cyrus recently did a interview with billboard magazine and she shared her thoughts on hip-hop music and why she not longer partake in it. "That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little,” she continued. “It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my cock’ — I am so not that.” (Billboard). And twitter was like hell to the no Miley. In 2013 Miley released "Bangerz" heavily produced by hip -hop producer Mike Will and featured heavy collaborations from rappers Nelly to Big Sean.

When she was making this album did she not take that into consideration the content of some rap music? No she didn't at that time, she was going through her rebel without a cause phase. What better way to shed the Hanna Montana Disney image. or to make Billy Ray Cyrus hang head his low. Oh I know embrace hip-hop, be seen with the rap guys, tough shit right?

Now Miley on this self journey on wanting to grow and explore in her music. I am not mad at that at all. That what makes an artist an artist, being able express and share a talent with the world is an awesome gift. As expected Miley was met with unhappy campers in the twitter world and rightfully so.

We know that some of the content in hip-hop is not always easy on the ears, we know that and do want better from the artists. The problem with artist like Miley is they come and want to be down for the team until it no longer suits the brand. And honestly that is unfair, and we are not dumb we know what time it is Miley.

When it came time to sit down with your team and discussing the next project. Your team was like listen girl that last run was cute. Hanging out with the rappers and all, and your album did alright it eventually went gold and given the climate we are in that is to be expected. But you once was Hanna Montana on top of the world. So 86 the hip-hop act or else.

Well that was my interpretation of what was really behind the comment she made. Miley may not understand the backlash. But she need to understand artist of her caliber has a luxury that many artists in Hip-hop & RnB don't. She have the luxury doing of genre bouncing. It's plenty of artist in the culture that want to explore many genres outside of the music they produce but they can't.

To save face, I would and probably many others as well. Would have understood, if she was like I love hip hop and during that time I wanted to see what my music would have sounded like with hip-hop production behind it.

No harm no foul, we would carry on with our lives. Miley chose to point fingers and say this is bad and not good for me. For a couple years she profited and benefited from a culture that she now deems is to unclean for her brand. Let me state once again, I am not mad at her personal growth, what upsets me, that when the time was right you exploited a culture Miley.

A culture that many from my generation fight to hold on to, Miley you may come and go as you please. But through good and bad we are in it for life.

Long Live Hip-Hop............


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