Where Are They Now?:The Curious Case of The Missing 14 Girls in Washington D.C.

Video Source: Youtube - News One with Roland Martin

No I am not talking about a one hit wonder from yesterday, it has been reported that during the end of this week in a twenty four hour time period. Fourteen girls all teenage, black and latina disappeared in the Washington DC area. Posts started showing up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about the missing girls.

Causing concern about these girls and why the major media outlets are not making reports on these girls being missing.  Posts on social media and blog think pieces has been the news source for this current situation. When it come to young black and brown female lives in typically fashion it goes unnoticed especially when one becomes missing, now add several to bunch and we now here crickets.

Just like when the girls went missing in Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria that didn't bring much media news to the masses like it should have.  A village of young school girls was kid napped and there was no devastation or outage in this land about it. When Kim Kardashian was held at gun point in Paris, France last year that is all we heard and saw in a 24 hour news cycle for a few weeks. And sad as that was regardless if it was Kim K or not.

No one deserve that, but the everyday person who comes up missing deserves proper media attention which could lead to finding someone safe and sound. As I write this post, it has been reported that the 14 missing girls in DC is inaccurate. The local police are saying that post and blog pieces that are being shared are inaccurate.

According to an article on http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/DCs-Missing-Teens-Whats-True-and-Whats-Not-417021633.html : "Since March 19, D.C. police have shared 20 missing person fliers on Twitter; 10 of these people were juveniles. As of Friday, six of these juveniles had been found; four still were missing."

If this is a hoax well a lot of us was caught up in the matrix, or if this is a way for the local police to cover up something that needed to have light shed on it, either way this is messed up and unfair. Children go missing all the time. But whether they are black, white, brown etc. Everyone should be concerned. Black women and girls go among the missing every single day and there is not much dialogue  about it.

I am hoping that the truth whether it one person, 10 persons or 100 persons go missing we come together in our communities and help bring them back home. If the story is inaccurate than I will honestly admit I jumped the gun on making so many post about it. But I won't take it down, being that I have many young female relatives of color, This is something I care deeply about, I hope the we get the truth of what is really going on D.C. 

It just a shame that it took some post on social media to bring awareness to this matter, we have to do better and start looking out and caring more for one another. To any one out there who is has a loved one missing please get a hold of the proper authorities and let your story be known.

I just hope what ever the actual story is we get the truth and everyone comes home.


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