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Spread Love.....It's The Brooklyn Way: Remembering Notorious B.I.G

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I am late I know, hectic work schedule has been happening and  also I have been getting my show up and running, so I took a break from the blog. I am back and promise to bring more content to this very page. Anyways another birthday has passed and with a reminder of getting older. Also comes reminders of the past.  Two days before my birthday on March 9th 1997, once again the hip hop world was struck with saddeness.

Still healing from the lost of Tupac six months earlier, from the ongoing "East/West Coast Beef" had taken another life and that was Christopher "Notorious B.I.G" Wallace was killed after an Vibe magazine after party in Los Angeles. Biggie died Sunday March 9th 1997, two days before my birthday.

I was a freshman in high school at the time, another weekend day typical Sunday, getting up that morning. A time before twitter and Facebook, the rest of the world found out Biggie past later that Sunday. My brother comes flying upstairs like yo they killed Biggie!!!! Mind you I am just waking up for the day. So I am like who, what, where and why? He was like Notorious B.I.G was killed in LA last night.

I get up and we check out MTV and low and behold their news coverage and the MTV crew was at the scene of the crime in LA  during an MTV news break. All I can remember is thinking is we just lost pac and now big who is next? Anybody who remembers this era automatically assumed this was retaliation for what happened to Tupac in Las Vegas NV September 1996.

We  all figured Suge Knight and Deathrow, was all mixed up in both of these murders of the rappers. We will never know the truth. Twenty years later we remember big poppa, his music and his legacy.
It blows my mind what has happened in Hip-Hop since Biggie Smalls death. We saw some great artist rise, like Jay-Z, DMX, The Lox, Busta Rhymes blew up.

Hip Hop went on to become platinum, the rise of southern Hip-Hop took over the genre, also many artist became major mogul in music. Hip hop had become a global juggernaut that went beyond the phase of being a passing fad. As some assumed in the early 80's when the genre and the flourishing culture was getting started.

Biggie only had two albums when he passed and both these albums are among the elite in hip -hop music. If I don't remember nothing else in this life, I definitely remember when "Life After Death" arrived on the shelves on March 25th 1997. It came out on what used to be called super Tuesday by the music industry. This was the day that all new album releases came out, on this day in 1997 it what the last day of school before spring break.

So school was light that day on students, some figured since it was the last day before break no need to go to class. But the main reason was for this, one the black & red Air Jordan's 12's was out and Notorious B.I.G CD was out as well. So either students was showing up late with new kicks and new music. Or they was leaving early to get both items.

I went and got my copy on cassette tape after school, being that I was a square (LOL) but it was worth the wait. We was already was bugging after seeing his last video for "Hypnotize" that was an awesome video for that period. The production of this album and the rhymes of B.I.G was hip-hop heaven.

Here we are twenty years later still loving Big Poppa, I play both of his albums like they are new to streaming on spotify today. Both albums hold up well after twenty years later, I often wonder how an Life After Death would do in 2017?.............Stay tuned for next post.

R.I.P Christopher "Notorious B.I.G" Wallace 1972-1997


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