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Stone Cold Gentleman

Google Images: Ralph Tresvant Solo Album 1990
Last post I talked about the New Edition movie, and how we learned the many times Mr. Tresvant could have went solo. During the rise of New Edition career at thirteen Ralph had the chance to be a solo artist; But he wanted to be with his boys. And post Bobby Brown "Don't Be Cruel" and Pre Johnny Gill coming to New Edition. Ralph was being groomed to be a solo star, it was obvious in the 80s, he sang lead on all the songs. 
He was a fan favorite for sure, In the movie we learned that Ralph was secretly recording his own solo album called "Living In The Dream" and even was possibly going to sign with Disney record label Hollywood Records as a solo artist. But New Edition had one more album to put out before he could go solo.
After the NE Heart Break album is when the fellas went off and did their solo thing. Bobby was already doing his thing. Johnny Gill dropped his solo album with the hits "Rub You The Right Way, M…

New Edition Movie Review

Google Images: The Real New Edition & The Actors who played in New Edition Movie
Biopics give all the glimpses into a persons life,  it shows you all their ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations. And then is there biopics that are poorly done i.e Lifetime Aaliyah biopic. Please google the memes if you are not familiar the fiasco that was.
Last week BET aired a three night mini movie series, on the beloved and also one of my favorite R&B groups New Edition. In three nights the fans were educated on the Rise,  the fall,  the fights and the brotherhood of New Edition.

Part 1: 1978 shows us Pre-Teen New Edition, We saw that Ricky Bell lived in a full house full of siblings. Mike Bivins was a typical basketball loving teenage boy who spent his time hooping on the court. And who would have thought the king of stage, the bad boy of R&B Mr. Bobby Brown himself had stage freight and ran off the stage into his mother arms. Bobby running off the stage and that being witnessed by Ricky…

Don't Disturb This Groove!

Image Source: Top Picture -Tashema Oates Images, Bottom Pic - Google Images

If you like this blog and enjoy my music commentary, particularly R&B music, I talk a lot about the genre because I simply love it even though it is not in the same space it once was. Well the time has come for me to the put my money where my mouth is. I have the pleasure of announcing that I will be hosting my own all R&B music online show. Where I will play music from the past, present and the future R&B music artist. On my show "Don't Disturb This Groove" will be airing every first and third Saturday each month starting February 4th @ 4pm MST on
It is about to be lit......

When it Rain, It Pours!

Google Images: Chrisette Michele

"You can say whatever you like, As long as we just say goodbye, Blame it on me"                                                                                                            -Chrisette Michele                                                                                                              "Blame it On Me"
When songs lyrics come to life! By now those of you who are familiar with Chrisette Michele probably see her become the trending topic this past week ending January 20th 2017. And those of you who are not familiar with this woman. Allow me to introduce her, This is Chrisette Michele and she is an R&B singer who has been established in the music industry for about ten years.
Chrisette has been trending for about week now due to the fact she was one of the few artists that decided to be apart of the President Donald J Trump inauguration. She has upset many people by being apart of this event. She was dragge…