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Independence Day

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The Grammy nominations are out and of course the usual suspects such as Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West all have big nominations. Shout out to Lelah Hathaway for her two grammy nominations. The topic today I will be discussing is the independent artist and how streaming is the new wave.  As I was looking at the nominees for 2017 award show. Kanye rant about how radio play artist songs over and over again is more clear than ever now.

Even though Kanye is one of the nominees it still kinda of annoying to here the same names over and over again. I knew Beyonce was going to receive top honors, don't get me wrong I enjoyed the lemonade project very much. And Drake views yes had popular singles on it, but there were a ton of other projects that was pretty dope as well.

Monica album Code Red arrived last year December 2015, this album definitely could have made submission for the awards show coming February 2017. Since her 2010 album Still Standing album, which was an awesome album from the veteran artist. Code Red was a good project, my biggest beef is that her label did not push hard enough for it. I only remember one video from the project which was the Lil Wayne assisted single. "Just Right For Me". I believe the follow up singles was "Alone In Your Heart, and Hustlers Ambition"

Code red was a solid R&B project but lets face facts, from what I remember music wise RCA dropped the ball. Monica promoted the hell out of this album, but It didn't get the love that she deserved for this project.  I am not sure if Monica was let go from RCA or she just decided to up and leave. However I am hoping she takes the independent route and go hard.

One artist that was in Monica shoes at one point, and someone she could actually learn from is fellow R&B veteran artist who also made her debut in the 90s. Is Mya, in 2007 Mya left her label Geffen/A&M due to fiasco of her release of her liberation album.  Since then Mya has been an independent artist, created her own label Planet 9. She release several projects under her own imprint.

Mya still tour and grind out to keep it going,  She released a full EP earlier this year called "Smooth Jones" and I tell you I enjoyed this project from Mya.  Pre Smooth Jones and post Moodring, the projects in between I liked but I felt she was warming up to what we have right now. 

Mya has an album nomination for her album, she is up for Best R&B album for 2017 grammy awards, and that speaks volumes. And the reason why is that is important is that she did this strictly as an independent artist. Mya who at one point in time was a mainstream R&B artist. By today standards of popular artist she is not considered a relevant (A term I don't like). However she did it with out a major label behind her.

And as someone who is huge a fan of R&B, I think going forward true R&B artist need to follow that formula of being independent. Another artist who was nominated for a few trophies for the 2017 grammies award Is Chance The Rapper, who released his own independent project "Coloring Book" many label sought hard after this hip hop artist.

Chance stuck to his guns and remained independent and ushered in a new way to get award nominations. He is nominated in the streaming category for his album, at option that was not there before but it is now.  I like how Chance rolled out this album on his own terms and has a ever growing fan base behind him because of it.

As a lover of music, I love the way of the independent artist it gives us fans a chance to experience  the music.


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