Circles To Rectangles!

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least, a lot of things has happened from police shootings, to the UK leaving the European Union. Celebrity deaths left and right, a lot of sadness to madness around the world. I had many moments from job changes, and personal growth and even some set backs. But in the last week almost two weeks of 2016 there was some news from home that defined a valuable lesson for me in 2016.

A childhood classmate and someone who lived In the neighbor hood I grew up in passed away a few days before the Christmas holiday.  I was over come with profound sadness, when some one pass away it is always sad and difficult to deal with. This passing of this young lady, touch a nerve that I didn't even know I had.

In was not until her passing I realized we had a lot of things in common, for one we were the same age, I am couple months of older, same year of birth. Went to the elementary school from pre kindergarten to eight grade. Lived in the same neighborhood and come from very a humble up bringing. And unfortunately we both belong to club a that nobody wants to be in and that is we both lost both of our parents.

We was not best friends or super close, however we were always cool and cordial to one another. And  the times I saw in her person I was always greeted with a warm smile and a hello.  We connected through social media from time to time. Now I have a family that love me very much and I love them very much so as well. Besides having a family that loved her, my classmate also had something that I have always wanted myself.

And that is she had a circle of friends that also attended the same elementary school, that was with her from childhood into adulthood. The same circle of friends that she experienced growing pains with, having crushes on boys with. Going to high school football games and parties with, the same group of girls who watched her grow into woman and she also did with them.

Now let me say this I do have friends, people who have gone above and beyond when I needed them, and shared laughs with. I have good people that do love and care for me. What I never had was a core group of friends or tough inner circle at long periods of time.

My classmate had that, her friends was their with her to the her last breath on this earth, and that to me speak to me in volumes. You have to be mindful of  who you invest your time in. In the last week or so that has been something on my mind daily and it won't let up.

At end the end of the day when it is time for your number to be called, will the ones in the your circle be the same ones that will walk with you while you are laying in your rectangle (casket)? Will they be there throwing flowers into the ground for you? Most importantly are they giving you the roses to smell while you are still here?

And are you doing the same for them? That is the valuable lesson I learned from this passing, is to love and honor the friends that you do have! Check in on family members that you don't see on a daily basis. Let people in your world that want to there and don't waste time on people who don't want to be there.

Love one another, talk to one another, grow and learn from another; It make living this life even better.  The other day I asked someone that I had a fallen out with, but as of late would chat through text messages sometimes. I asked this person do you or will you ever considered me a friend again. Radio silence and that silence was very loud.

Whether it was my fought or not for the fallen out, I mean't know harm at all, but somethings I will have to leave behind in 2016.  I have a group of people that I can form a bond with and keep it going, I will try to at least.  In life the most simplest things can hold a bond a together, and not matter how mad you get with a friend or love one, trust and believe it not worth pushing them away.

You never know when that day comes and you get that phone call that you do not want to hear. Life is  too short not to have conversations and communicate when things go left. Be mindful of the people, places and things around you.

If you have a good group of friends, remember this to always live, love and laugh......On a cloudy day the sun will always shine!!!!

R.I.P Jonte M. Wilson......You will be missed! Also R.I.P to your best friend Shafone Williams and as always R.I.P Mom & Dad.

Let's Have a Great 2017 Everyone!!!!!!


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