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More To Come!

Stay Tuned for more post, I will be adding video and The R&B radio show is coming.........

Circles To Rectangles!

2016 has been an interesting year to say the least, a lot of things has happened from police shootings, to the UK leaving the European Union. Celebrity deaths left and right, a lot of sadness to madness around the world. I had many moments from job changes, and personal growth and even some set backs. But in the last week almost two weeks of 2016 there was some news from home that defined a valuable lesson for me in 2016.

A childhood classmate and someone who lived In the neighbor hood I grew up in passed away a few days before the Christmas holiday.  I was over come with profound sadness, when some one pass away it is always sad and difficult to deal with. This passing of this young lady, touch a nerve that I didn't even know I had.

In was not until her passing I realized we had a lot of things in common, for one we were the same age, I am couple months of older, same year of birth. Went to the elementary school from pre kindergarten to eight grade. Lived in the same neighborhoo…

Independence Day

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The Grammy nominations are out and of course the usual suspects such as Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West all have big nominations. Shout out to Lelah Hathaway for her two grammy nominations. The topic today I will be discussing is the independent artist and how streaming is the new wave.  As I was looking at the nominees for 2017 award show. Kanye rant about how radio play artist songs over and over again is more clear than ever now.

Even though Kanye is one of the nominees it still kinda of annoying to here the same names over and over again. I knew Beyonce was going to receive top honors, don't get me wrong I enjoyed the lemonade project very much. And Drake views yes had popular singles on it, but there were a ton of other projects that was pretty dope as well.
Monica album Code Red arrived last year December 2015, this album definitely could have made submission for the awards show coming February 2017. Since her 2010 album Still Standing album, which wa…

Great Albums Of 1996: R&B

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1996 R&B Albums:

Dru Hill: November 19th 1996  Dru Hill debut album was something to remember, it debut in the fall of 1996, with lead single "Tell Me" at that time Dru Hill did not fit the format of the stand male group, they didn't wear the same outfits. They had their own unique style, and great vocal presentation and the world was introduce to an larger than personality Sisqo. Often times when it come to the great debates of best R&B artist and groups. Dru Hill gets over look. Well I salute these fellas, I had this on cassette first and once again another cassette that ended up warp. If you have never heard this album, do yourself a favor and check it out!

BlackStreet Another level: September 9th 1996

Toni Braxton, Secrets: June 18th 1996

Anthony Hamilton, XTC: October 29 1996

Monifah, Mood & Moments: March 26th 1996

Sunset Park SDTK: April 23 1996

702, No Doubt: October 8th 1996

TonyToniTone, House Of Music: November 18th 1996

Montell Jo…