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Kanye during the Life Of Pablo Listening Party: Google Images

2016 has been a trying time for many of us, some of us are meek and quiet and deal with our trial and tribulations in silence. And some of us deal with it in front of an audience via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat etc. But if your Kanye West you stand on a stage to your audience and have a meltdown. Well if you can call it that, some look at it as another Kanye Rant or he just being Kanye and that is what he do.

We can all chalk it up to it being Kanye just being Kanye, when I saw him speaking out on the politics of radio, Jay Z, Beyonce  and Drake. I knew this was not a typical Kanye rant, It was time for him to speak his truth in that moment and that what he did. He spoke his truth only in the best way he could, I watched that video several times. In that moment I did not look at Kanye as being crazy, I looked at Kanye as a man who was defeated.

We all get tired, it is called being a human and the people that you thought was in your corner, and they really not is a hard pill to swallow.  Did Beyonce pull rank and tell MTV she would not perform unless she won video of the year?  Who is to say she did or didn't, we don't know we was not there. And as far as what he said about radio in all honesty is he lying though?

I received my first iPod in 2005 and I have pretty much been my own DJ and curator of my own playlist since then. I have been logged into iTunes since 2002. Long story short mainstream radio has run music into the ground. Only reason why I know who is current in radio is due to frequenting So I was not mad at Ye for the radio comment at all, once again he was speaking his truth.

The comment he made about Jay Z, and how he have not called him, all I can say is that there is something deep amongst friends that those on the outside will never know. From my personal expericence I will say you have to be careful who you consider a friend . Everyone in you inner circle don't always have your back or your best interest either.

And as far as him mentioning please Jay Z don't send your killers at my head. That is a whole other conversation, revisit Jay Z albums on your on time and I will leave it at that. In this situation and at this time I will not call Kanye crazy. Believe it or not I have walked in Kanye shoes and I know you probably wondering when have you walked in Kanye shoes?

This month marks the 9th anniversary since Kanye mother Donda West passed away, she died November 10th 2007 due to complications from surgery. February 11th 2005 my mother passed away from congestive heart failure. And let me tell you losing a parent is a crushing blow like no other. You will never be the same whether you are five, fifteen or fifty losing a parent alters your way of thinking and living.

I have to live in this world without both of my parents, my father passed in 1997, and like Kanye I was super close with my mother. She was my biggest supporter, without her in the picture it has been very hard in these last eleven years being without her.  Every February is absolutely awful since my mother passed and I am not wild about September either.

So imagine what Kanye feels every November that comes and goes, he has to relive that moment when he learned his mother passed away. Now align that with the idea his wife and the mother of his children, life was almost taken away a few months prior. And he is trying to achieve the  goal of becoming the next Disney or Steve Jobs.

In reality not realizing the world don't need a replica of them, being the best Kanye he can be for himself and family is just fine. But just imagine trying to deal with all that and being on tour, that is a lot for one human being to deal with. Now let me say this is not a let's all feel sorry for Kanye post. Not at all this just my point of view of how I see him post "meltdown".

In words of the late great Prince, these are the sign of the times, the world is peeling like an onion and in the realm of music and entertainment. Kanye just peeled off some layers to it and he will not be the last to do it. He wanted to be in the industry and this is cost of being has done for him, all I can say is I hope from this moment he can heal from this and move forward.

And please get back to the music, I am not asking for another "College Dropout" but I do want to see the passion comeback, the man use to make good albums.....

Rest Up!


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