Can She Live Part I

Google Images: Ciara and Russell

Well I guess the times we are living in has changed dramatically, It used to be when a woman had a child out of wedlock she was called a hoe or something worse. And I have never agreed with that at all and still don't agree with calling a woman names because she has a child before marriage.  It use to be that a child should come from marriage with both parents joined in one union under God.

That what we we're told over and over again since the beginning of the time. Well in the 21st century things has changed and not for the better.  R&B singer Ciara who has a child by former finance rapper Future. Now is pregnant with her second child with her husband Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.  Once again she is with child by her HUSBAND Russell Wilson.  You would think this is a joyous occasion being that a new life is coming into this world.

Nope! social media decided other wise and has dragged Ciara like she killed a baby lamb on live television. She was called a hoe and many things, and even had folks questioning her baby announcement. Like how is this possible that she got pregnant so fast? That is why they got married she was already pregnant and so forth. Let just look at the fact the school system in the united states has failed a lot of people. Clearly they was not paying attention during sexual education and biology class, if they even teach that anymore.

Ciara and Russell was married on July 8th 2016 and the announcment about her pregnancy was made on her birthday which is October 25th 2016.  We do not know how many times they had sexual intercourse or if they were even trying to have a baby right now. However this is what married couples do they have babies. Black women get railroaded for being baby mamas and by our own community in most cases.

When Ciara had her first child by Future she was dragged during that time period as well. She was laughed at and mocked. Meanwhile Future has three other baby mothers and no one put him through the wringer.  Hell he is allegedly responsible for breaking up the marriage between former Chicago Bulls player Scottie Pippen and his wife. But where is the shame in what he has done being involved in that situation?..... Crickets

So Ciara and Future did not end up getting married after all, that happens things don't always work out like they suppose to. Russell courted her, then dated her and then married her; And he was called a simp for doing so.  Which I found to be ignorant as well, I believe everyone deserves true happiness and those two found their happiness in one another.

Whether it her latest album or who she involved with, Ciara cannot catch a break, at the end of day they are living out their wildest dreams and I say good for them.

Let Her Live!!!!


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