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Charge It To The Game!

Kanye during the Life Of Pablo Listening Party: Google Images
2016 has been a trying time for many of us, some of us are meek and quiet and deal with our trial and tribulations in silence. And some of us deal with it in front of an audience via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat etc. But if your Kanye West you stand on a stage to your audience and have a meltdown. Well if you can call it that, some look at it as another Kanye Rant or he just being Kanye and that is what he do.

We can all chalk it up to it being Kanye just being Kanye, when I saw him speaking out on the politics of radio, Jay Z, Beyonce  and Drake. I knew this was not a typical Kanye rant, It was time for him to speak his truth in that moment and that what he did. He spoke his truth only in the best way he could, I watched that video several times. In that moment I did not look at Kanye as being crazy, I looked at Kanye as a man who was defeated.

We all get tired, it is called being a human and the pe…

Great Albums of 1996: Tupac Makaveli: The Don Killuminati - The 7 Day Theory

Google Images: Makaveli album cover
Life after Tupac has not been quite the same in the game of rap music since he passed away twenty years ago. Since his death we seen hip hop reach a billion in album sales, rappers become richer and richer. The Rise of southern hip-hop and many other things has happened since Tupac left this earth. On the day he passed on September 13th 1996, those of us that were fans of this artist did not know what was next.

Keep in mind we did not have social media or streaming sites during this time period. All we had to rely on was  the news, MTV, BET, radio etc. To find out what was next in the chapters after Tupac death. After his passing there were rumors that there was one more album coming out called Makaveli: The Don Killuminati- The 7 Day Theory.

A couple weeks after Tupac died two videos came out,  one was called "Toss it up" feat. Aaron Hall, K-CI & JoJo and Danny Boy. And then there was "To Live and Die in LA"; Those were the…

Can She Live Part I

Google Images: Ciara and Russell
Well I guess the times we are living in has changed dramatically, It used to be when a woman had a child out of wedlock she was called a hoe or something worse. And I have never agreed with that at all and still don't agree with calling a woman names because she has a child before marriage.  It use to be that a child should come from marriage with both parents joined in one union under God.

That what we we're told over and over again since the beginning of the time. Well in the 21st century things has changed and not for the better.  R&B singer Ciara who has a child by former finance rapper Future. Now is pregnant with her second child with her husband Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.  Once again she is with child by her HUSBAND Russell Wilson.  You would think this is a joyous occasion being that a new life is coming into this world.

Nope! social media decided other wise and has dragged Ciara like she killed a baby la…