Great Albums Of 1996: New Edition - Home Again

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I was the girl who enjoyed the boy bands, I love the Jackson Five, I listened to New Kids On Block, I even have a couple of The Backstreets Boys and Nsync CD's (shrugs shoulders). I have even seen 98 degrees in concert (Shrugs shoulders). With that being said this time this feature is on a one group, out of all boy bands if you will, that I love the most. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny.

My formal introduction to New Edition was when I about six or seven years old. This was around the N.E. Heartbreak Era post Bobby Brown who was making waves with his second epic album "Don't Be Cruel.  Biggest song out for NE was "If Isn't Love", they added Johnny Gill group to become a quintet once again.

The heartbreak album was N.E. most successful at the time,  it boasted singles such as "If Isn't Love, Not My Kind Of Girl, Crucial, N.E Heart Break and Can You Stand The Rain?." N.E was winning along side former group member Bobby Brown who was busy as a solo act showing the world why he was  king of stage. The title of the album lived up to it's name, due the fact that the this was the guys last album as New Edition and that they would just like Bobby venture off and build on their own solo careers.

The early 90s they did just that; Ricky Bell, Micheal Bivins and Ronnie Devoe, came together outside of N.E. and formed BBD aka Bell, Biv, Devoe. Out of all the members of the group no one expected these three to fellas to come and kick down the doors like they did. When "Poison" video came out, it was on and popping. Every school dance, house party, block party, and so on I guarantee you that this song was being played. 

Ralph Tresvant on his solo project with his self titled debut presented the softer more gentle side of himself. First single "Sensitivity" is still one of my favorites from that album along with "Do What I Gotta Do". Mr Gill brought the vocals on his solo album after N.E. with songs like "My, My, My and Rub You The Right Way".  Bobby Brown newly married to the voice the late Whitney Houston, game back with his third album and presented us with the single "Humpin Around" from his album BOBBY.

As time went on and solo projects was happening, the fans was getting anxious and wanted to know when there was going to be another New Edition album?. On September 10th 1996 all six members came together to deliver "Home Again". By this time around I was older and in my teens during this time period.  This album is my favorite by N.E. this had all six members and had some good production.

It had songs like "Hit Me Off, You Don't Have To Worry and Still In Love With You" By this time the fellas was older and seasoned. Also in this time hip-hop and R&B was dominating the charts and this project did well for the fellas. It was number one on the billboard top 200 and R&B/Hip -Hop charts. RIAA certified the album  two times platinum by 1997.

Not to many groups can say they broke up and had solo success and then came back together as a group was successful again as well. You are not going to get that from to many other groups especially in this day and age we are in. With the Home Again album there of course was the tour that came along with it.  When they made their stop in Buffalo, due to lack of funds I was not able to attend ( Still sad about that). This was dope you had six guys performing all the N.E songs and then there solo songs. 

A dream come true right? yeah it intended to be that way, but egos and pride ruled this tour. And put a damper on it along the way. By the end of the tour it was only four guys performing instead of all six due to Michael Bivins and Bobby leaving the tour early. Overall the sixth N.E album was a good project, and I still listen to it often. 

Youtube: Hit Me Off by New Edition


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