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Politics As Usual

Hey I don't speak much about politics on this blog, I do like to engage in conversation about politics outside of this blog and educate myself and keep up with what is going on in the world. With that being said we are coming up on our next presidential election. I am not going to tell the readers who to vote for. What i will say is to please exercise your right to vote, it matters whether you believe it or not.

Great Albums Of 1996: Ginuwine - The Bachelor

Ginuwine made his debut on October 8th 1996 with his first album "The Bachelor" and the hottest song that was out at the time was "Pony" even my grandfather like this song. No seriously he had the cassette single and played it often in his car.  And yes he held a place on the bedroom wall he was the biggest poster on the my wall.  The song pony had an unusual sound but familiar sound too it as well and an interesting video to match.

Two months earlier Aaliyah released her sophomore album"One In A Million" the production was like no other in R&B music at the time. Due to new music producers of the time Timbaland and Missy Elliot. They continued to sprinkle their magic on Ginuwine's album, and like with Aaliyah they was also quite the trio with Ginuwine as well.

Ginuwine along with Missy and Timbaland was apart of Jodeci founding member and producer Devante Swing, side project Swing Mob.  G was trying to do his thing as a solo act and come out under t…

Great Albums Of 1996: New Edition - Home Again

Google Images/ New Edition Home Again Album Cover
I was the girl who enjoyed the boy bands, I love the Jackson Five, I listened to New Kids On Block, I even have a couple of The Backstreets Boys and Nsync CD's (shrugs shoulders). I have even seen 98 degrees in concert (Shrugs shoulders). With that being said this time this feature is on a one group, out of all boy bands if you will, that I love the most. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny.

My formal introduction to New Edition was when I about six or seven years old. This was around the N.E. Heartbreak Era post Bobby Brown who was making waves with his second epic album "Don't Be Cruel.  Biggest song out for NE was "If Isn't Love", they added Johnny Gill group to become a quintet once again.

The heartbreak album was N.E. most successful at the time,  it boasted singles such as "If Isn't Love, Not My Kind Of Girl, Crucial, N.E Heart Break and Can You Stand The Rain?." N.E was w…