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September 4th 1996, was my first day of s high school it probably was one the worst first days of school in  my whole school career at that time. I grew up in Buffalo NY, and while all my friends was enjoying their first day of high school. I was sitting at home crying. Due to the fact I did not get into any of the high schools I chose. So I was at home coping with the fact that I was going to have to go my district school and at the time it was not the best school in the city.

My mother, aunt and my brother went to this school that I did not want to go to, so they along with convinced me to just get through freshman year. I had to get over it and face the fact that this school is where I was going to be for the 96-97 school year.  Eventually the tears dried up and later on that evening I had something to look forward to and that was the 1996 MTV Video music awards.

Before bed that night I watch the show as usual, all the biggest musical acts of that time was on the show. Bone Thugs N Harmony had a lot of nominations that year for their song "The Crossroads" that song was huge. It was a song about the loss of love ones and seeing them on the other side once time was up in life. Crossroads was a tribute to the late rapper Eazy E who had passed away in 1995, while we were watching BTNH pay tribute to their fallen mentor. 

The performance of the song in hind sight was a prequel of what was to come in the coming days. During  this time it was also the season of the East Coast Vs Coast beef and that year the show was recored live in New York City. West coast representatives Snoop Dogg and Tupac was there at the award show. Tupac was one main figures during coastal feud that was happening during this rough time in hip-hop.

Tupac came and did the show, him and Snoop presented, it was no big commotion on stage, no new york rappers came out  to attack Tupac or Snoop. They came did what they needed to do and that was pretty much it. What is significant about this moment of Tupac being at the MTV awards was that this would be his final public appearance alive. 

Me and pretty much the rest of the world had no clue that would be the last time we saw Tupac alive. Three days later on September 7th in Las Vegas NV, after the Mike Tyson fight, Tupac and Suge Knight was shot during a drive by shooting. Suge was grazed by the bullet. Tupac caught the worst of it being that he was the primary target.

I remember hearing the news, me and my brother thinking Pac is going to survive this, two years earlier he survived the shooting in NY. We kept thinking he was going to make it, well at that was our hope was for him to make it. Seven days later on a Friday night September 13th,  when they announced that Tupac had died I knew that things was not going to be the same.

That night It felt like the world stop turning, after the announcement came on the radio, it was silence in the house and it was silence in the streets around me. As many times Tupac predicted his own death, we could never be prepared for it. No matter how many times he screamed it from the top of his lungs about it; We just was not ready to mourn for him.

At Twenty five year old, his world should have just been beginning, he was a remarkable rap artist, he was on his way to becoming a great actor. I do remember that he had many projects up his sleeve at the time. Even though he predicted his own demise, he still had a vision, it just too bad we did not get to see him carry it out.

Tupac was definitely one of the key figures who help shape and define hip-hop of the 90s well into the twenty first century. We are still having the conversations about this brother, he still comes up in rap debates. He  is compared to artist of today, there is finally a biopic of his life that is coming to the theaters in late 2016.

It is about to be Tupac season yet again when that film comes out, and we will still continue to have a conversation about Tupac Amaru Shakur............

June 16 1971 - September 13 1996, R,I .P Tupac........ Part II: Life after Tupac, stay tuned!!!

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