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Top Ten: Pharrell Williams - In My Mind Turns 10


Google Images: Pharrell - In My Mind: Release On July 25th 2006

In Febuary 2005 my mother passed away, I don't speak on it much on this blog, I can't tell you everything. During that time I was a college student, so from 2005-2007 was some really tough years after her passing. I was able to finish college during that time period, but it was hard after my mother passed away. As you know and if you read this blog music is my muse for a lot of think pieces on this site. 

Three albums that stood out for me during this time period were Amerie "Touch" , Kanye West "Late Registration" and Pharrell "In My Mind". A year into her passing. I played these albums a lot, it was comforting  listening to during the griving process after the lost my last parent and trying to get through college as well.  

By summer 2006 I was on a break from school, even though it has been a year since my mother had passed away I was still missing her and still do to this day. Pharrell  Williams relesased his first solo album outside of his  production team and rock band the Neptunes and N.E.R.D. By this point and time Mr. Williams was the hook king on various songs in hip-hop. The neptunes was already dominating on the charts as the top producers in the industry of music. 

This album was different, it was Pharrell solo rap album, I remember during that time thinking hmm Pharrell rap vocals is eh cute for certain type of records. I like his melodic hooks on his songs and over all I love him as a producer along with his partner Chad Hugo. Out of my curosity when this album was released on July 25th 2006, I went and purchased it. And I was not prepared for what this album was about to do for me in regards with helping with the grieving process and trying to maintain a passing GPA.

Pharrell Willams is not the most prolific rapper, however with the snap movement and trap era casting over hip-hop. In my mind was a welcome breath of fresh air, sonically it was eclectic on production, it had star guest appearances from Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, Nelly. Kanye West, Snoop Dog and Pusha -T.  Pharrell rapped about faith on  songs like "Our Father"  He rapped about depression and letting it all on out on songs like "Best Friend". 

There is the theme of acheiving your dreams on "You Can Do It Too"  when he was not the rapper, he channeled a little Michael Jackson as far as production on songs like" Number One feat. Kanye West". This album was very therapeutic during moments of sadness. I played this album, when I got a good grade, I played this album when I would work in the editing suites on campus on a project; This album would be playing in the background.

In my mind and in my opinion this was a perfect album for a girl who was just trying to make it to the end of her day with a smile on her face. This was not an number album one for Pharrell,  it did debut in the top ten. It was an album that was not in conservations amongst my associates. At the time I didnt know anyone else who had listen to it or even knew about it.

I will never get over losing my mother or my father, when I am not able to call home to contact family or reach a friend. I can always put on a set a headphones and press play close my eyes and let the tears fall and let the music speak to me.  Over all In My Mind was a solid project and good piece added to my music collection and yes I still listen to this album.

Pharrell In My Mind On  Spotify:


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