Midnight Madness

Image Source: Google images, highsnobiety.com, apple music

Once upon time when physical copies of music was purchased by the masses. Some records stores use to have a midnight madness party for certain artist album releases. People would come and hang out at the record store, and songs from the album would be playing on loud speakers through out the store. And at midnight the album would be released to the patrons in the store and everyone went home happy the end.

In the case of Frank Ocean, he decided to create his own midnight madness and release a stream to his visual album called endless late on Thursday night August 18th 2016. On his website boysdontcry.co; For a few years myself and other listeners of his music have been waiting on a follow up to his debut channnel orange. Well we somewhat got what we wanted. According to sources this is not the final product of what we believe to be a replacement of the original album "Boys Don't Cry"

So there is more music on the way, totally looking forward to it, now there is the matter of me starting up my apple music subscription again. This go round Frank has decided to release the stream to apple music. I didnt catch it on his site, because on the rare occasion I went to bed early. He dropped the stream on the world while I was having the strangest dreams, his music probably could have been a good soundtrack to those weird ass dreams I was having.

Frank is following in the footsteps of Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyonce and Drake. By releasing his album  exclusively to a streaming site. Being a lover of miusic these days is interesting. if you are not subscribed to either tidal or apple. You may have to wait a fews weeks until after the release to hear your favorite artist latest project. I feel so so about this. I do still buy physical CDs and stream music through spotify free option, I am off and on with Tidal & Apple music. 

Hey I have other more important bills to pay, anyways It can be a pain in the ass. I was using Tidal when lemonade dropped so it was a treat to hear that project from Beyonce. And now with Frank project out on apple music I may hit the switch and drop ten bucks and get a good look and listen to the project for 30 days.

Oh how I do miss the days of the midnight madness album release, At least I knew I was going to leave with some music and had a chance to go home and enjoy it. Now depending on my internet connection and streaming subscriptions I may be able to listen to music from select artists or not.

Well I do look forward to Endless and more music from Frank...............



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