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Great Albums From 1996: Mista

Images Sources: Google

Who knew that this verse "Woke up sunday morning, gotta a little bad news today, they say my life is not worth living. and time is slowly ticking away, don't think that I am going crazy, cause thoughts be running through my head, I know I gotta be strong, gotta hold on, sometimes i'd rather give up instead, seems like i'm off dead". These lyrics are from the song "Blackberry Molasses" from the debut album of R&B group Mista and this song was made in 1996 and 20 years later it fits in the times that we are currently going through.

In the era of Police shootings of unarmed black men, women and children, we have the Black lives matters movement happening and racial tension on the rise. When I go on my daily commute to work and home I have been playing this album a lot lately.

On July 30th 1996 Alanta quartet Mista which consisted of Bobby Wilson aka Bobby Valentino, Darryl Allen, Brandon Brown and Byron Reeder. Released what I fee…

Midnight Madness

Image Source: Google images,, apple music
Once upon time when physical copies of music waspurchased by the masses. Some records stores use to have a midnight madness party for certain artist album releases. People would come and hang out at the record store, and songs from the album would be playing on loud speakers through out the store. And at midnight the album would be released to the patrons in the store and everyone went home happy the end.

In the case of Frank Ocean, he decided to create his own midnight madness and release a stream to his visual album called endless late on Thursday night August 18th 2016. On his website; For a few years myself and other listeners of his music have been waiting on a follow up to his debut channnel orange. Well we somewhat got what we wanted.According tosources this is not the final product of what we believe to be a replacement of the original album "Boys Don't Cry"

So there is more music on the way,…

Say Her Name!: Korryn Gaines

Google Images: Korryn Gaines and her son Kodi

I am currently collecting my thoughts on this matter and will give a full post with my thoughts, in the meantime youtube vlogger Jouelzy recents made a video on the complexity of the death of Korryn Gaines

Checkout Jouelzy below: 

R.I.P Korryn Gaines

Great Albums From 1996: De La Soul - Stakes Is High

Google Images: De La Soul- Stakes Is High, released July 2nd 1996

"Yo, people go through pain and still don't gain
Positive contact just like my main man
Who got others cleaning up his physical influence
His mind got congested
He got the nine and blew it
Neighborhoods are now hoods cause nobody's neighbors
Just animals surviving with that animal behavior
Under I who be rhyming from dark to light sky
Experiments when needles and skin connect
No wonder where we live is called the projects
When them stakes is high you damn sure try to do
Anything to get the piece of the pie
Even die for the cash
But at last I be out even though you wantin' more
This issue is closed like an elevator door
But soon re-opened once we get to the next floor where the
Stakes is high
Y'all know them stakes is high
When we talkin' 'bout the
(Vibes, vibrations)
Stakes is high
Stakes is high, come on" 

A Verse From "Stakes Is High" 1996: Lyrics from Google Play

Another one (DJ Khaled v…

Top Ten: Pharrell Williams - In My Mind Turns 10

Google Images: Pharrell - In My Mind: Release On July 25th 2006

In Febuary 2005 my mother passed away, I don't speak on it much on this blog, I can't tell you everything. During that time I was a college student, so from 2005-2007 was some really tough years after her passing. I was able to finish college during that time period, but it was hard after my mother passed away. As you know and if you read this blog music is my muse for a lot of think pieces on this site. 

Three albums that stood out for me during this time period were Amerie "Touch" , Kanye West "Late Registration" and Pharrell "In My Mind". A year into her passing. I played these albums a lot, it was comforting  listening to during the griving process after the lost my last parent and trying to get through college as well.  

By summer 2006 I was on a break from school, even though it has been a year since my mother had passed away I was still missing her and still do to this day. Pharr…