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Stakes Are High!

Images from Google Images: Alton Sterling

When will the violence cease? When your troops stop shooting us down in the streets! - Tupac "I Wonder If heaven got a ghetto?"

Summer 16 as the youth call it has been a trying one, we are over hundred days into the year. I have read and seen more pain with heartache than one can handle in a six month time period. I am truly at a lost for words, due to the recent shooting death of Alton Sterling. By the hands of two Baton Rouge Police officers. Sterling on a Tuesday night July 6th outside of a convince store was selling CD's, an anonymous tip came that he was to believed to be pointing his gun at someone.

Police arrive to the seen and approach Sterling in attempts to detain him, they use a taser and force Sterling down to the ground. At this point Sterling is pinned down to the ground, and someone yells gun and five shots and Sterling dies from gun shot wounds to the chest. Now I am about to say somethings some of you may not want to hear. And frankly I don't give a damn, if you don't like it go to another blog and kick rocks.

I am so fucking tired and emotionally drained from this complete and utter chaos that is going on in America right now. And yes I know there is problems happening all over the world, I am taking about the USA.  When we say "Black lives matter", it get's questioned and counter rebuttal comes "All Lives Matter" I don't want hear the latter anymore. So if anyone post that on my social media page, you getting blocked point blank and the period.

I was trying my hardest to avoid watching this video and I was even to trying to avoid engaging in the conversation. I work a very stressful and taxing job, so I like to end my day simply by playing my music. It calms me soothes my soul, as I commute home I have my music playing and scrolling thru my Facebook timeline and trending is #AltonSterling. I tried to scroll past as much of it as I could, I just wanted to see something positive on the timeline.

I could not avoid looking for the video, I found it and after I saw it, I wept all the way home. I can't keep seeing my people go out like this. We pray everyday to the lord begging and pleading for help down here on earth. I am not religious, I do believe in God and I have experienced his presence on numerous occasions in my life. I know I am not suppose to question God moods and motives. But at some point a question must be ask and that is why are we still going thru so much pain?

This is the 21st century, yet and still we have once again have to prepare to march for justice and peace in 2016.  I don't know how a man who is pinned down to the ground by two other men could be such a threat.? He is down and they still shoot? It simply madness for a explanation at this point, we know how this story is going to end. The two police officers are on a paid leave, a fucking paid leave.

If I beat the shit out of someone at my job,  I am fired, done out the building. That low tolerance should be across the board in all occupations. We seen the footage of Sandra Bland arrest from a dash camera, we seen aerial footage of when Tamir Rice shooting. We seen the aftermath of Trayvon Martin after he was killed.

This footage of Alton Sterling shooting in my honest opinion is the straw that broke the camels back. To see it up close and personal from a bystander camera phone is just a mind numbing experience in a bad way. And if we have not been pushed far enough, trust and believe we know the ledge now. I want peace and understanding all day everyday.

How can we achieve that when the quality of life is at an all time low?

R.I.P to Alton Sterling, and all my thoughts are with his family.


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