Hotter Than July

 A demonstrator protesting at the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US July 9, 2016.
Photo Source - Black Matter Protest in Baton Rouge LA

The week of July 4th 2016 will probably be one of the most memorable weeks in American history. The begining of that week of course was the birthday of the United States celebrating independence. You know the usual fireworks, barbeques, typical independence day fair. As the week continued a crazy three days of life changing events escalated. First up was the shooting death of Alton Sterling On Tuesday July 5th in Baton LA and then on July 6th Philandro Castille was killed during a "routine traffic stop"  in the Falcon Heights area of Minnesota. 

Then on July 7th during a black lives matters protest in Dallas TX, 11 officers were wounded and 5 were killed during the protest. The deaths of Sterling and Castille were wrong  and the killings of the police officers were wrong as well. Violence on top of violence does not solve the problem or cure ignorance. My last post talking about the death of Alton Sterling was created out of rage and hurt. And then the death of Philandro Castille made me even more angry and then my anger started to turn into fear.

The shootings of the police officers, made me paranoid to the point that I didn't want to leave my house by the time the weekend came. I support the Black Lives Matter movement. I salute and applaud those who are brave enough to march through city streets across the nation in the face of injustice. And for those that use All live Matters it is no longer a  reason debate for me in my honest opinion If those want to chant that fine go ahead do you. Yes all lives do matter of course that goes without saying. What black lives matter mean to me is that were not saying our lives are more important than others, it means that our lives matter too!

At the end of day the laws has to change, there are good police out there, I have met some, went to school with some and I am related to a police officer. They put their lives on the line and they do want to protect the community. The problem is that we have  some officers who want to over use their authority  chose to excerise force and brutality with it comes to dealing with the community. 

That has to change the system is broken and we need to correct that, I am not a politcian, and I don't have all the answers. Just voicing my thoughts, I am hoping that better days are ahead. Lord knows we do need them. It has been a hot summer and rough year so far. We have a long road ahead of us on this planet we call earth, like or not we have to be on it together at somepoint we have to realize love conquers hate.

R.I.P Philandro Castille, Alton Stering and the five Dallas police officers......


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