Great albums Of 1996: Tevin Campbell - Back To The World

Google Images: Tevin Campbell - Back To The World Cover

June 25th 1996 Tevin Campbell releases his third album "Back To The World"

Another addition of some of my favorite albums from 1996, and I continue on with another one and this time Mr. Tevin Campbell up next. A year earlier Tevin voice could be heard as the singer powerline in the Disney Goof Troop Movie. In the summer of 96 Tevin made his return back on the scene with his  third album "Back To The World" single of the same title made its on urban radio and video stations. Tevin came back with a bit of a different look. He had extensions, the look was different and the sound was a bit more mature.

On his 1993 album "Im Ready" Tevin showed signs of maturity and on back to the world he continued to show his growth in his sound. Songs like "Tell Me Where, I got it bad, Could You Learn To Love, Dry Yours Eyes". Showed Signs of a teenager transitioning into a young adult, this album is one of Tevin underated albums out of his collection. 

Everyone remembers "Can We Talk, Goodbye, Tell Me What You Want To Do! from his earlier projects. And those are good songs of course, his third project had some good songs on it as well. BTTW had some gems on it, my Favorite track is the babyface written track "Could You Learn To Love". Vocally Tevin is also underated and on this song his voice is at it's best and with Babyface song writing ablities you cannot go wrong.

This was a good album by Tevin, a definite must have for the collection, I currently have a couple songs from the album on my Ipod playlist. As I do these throw back album reviews, it blows my mind that these some of these albums are already 20 year old. 

Time flies when your having fun.........


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