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Great Albums Of 1996: Nas - It Was Written

Google Images: Nas, It Was Written
"Illmatic I was boss, It was written I flossed" - Nas: Last Real N---a Alive, Godson album 2002

Summertime is a time for warm weather, barbeques, boat parties, day, parties, fourth of July just a good ol time. Block buster movies, music festival all happens in the summert time, the majority of my adult life most of the time i'm at work so I could care less about those events of summer. The one thing that has been tried and true and consistant in my life is the summer album. In 2016 some summer album are coming out; Artist like "The Party Next Door, Rae Sremmurd, De La Soul, Fantasia, and many others has albums coming before the fall.

Well as I continue in this series, once again I will take it back to summer of 1996. In a couple of past post  I spoke on the 20th aniversary of Jay Z "Reasonable Doubt" In 1996 Jay Z was new to the scene and back then no of us saw what was to become of his career. Also during this same summer …

Great albums Of 1996: Tevin Campbell - Back To The World

Google Images: Tevin Campbell - Back To The World Cover
June 25th 1996 Tevin Campbell releases his third album "Back To The World"

Another addition of some of my favorite albums from 1996, and I continue on with another one and this time Mr. Tevin Campbell up next. A year earlier Tevin voice could be heard as the singer powerline in the Disney Goof Troop Movie. In the summer of 96 Tevin made his return back on the scene with his  third album "Back To The World" single of the same title made its on urban radio and video stations. Tevin came back with a bit of a different look. He had extensions, the look was different and the sound was a bit more mature.

On his 1993 album "Im Ready" Tevin showed signs of maturity and on back to the world he continued to show his growth in his sound. Songs like "Tell Me Where, I got it bad, Could You Learn To Love, Dry Yours Eyes". Showed Signs of a teenager transitioning into a young adult, this album is one of Tev…

The Red Album: Aaliyah Last Album Turns Fifteen

Image Source Google- Aaliyah album cover
Pre 911 July 2001 I was twenty years old and boy that was an interesting year, to say the least. And as always  my summer tradition I made my trip to the local record store. During this month one of my all time favorite artist was releasing their third album which went to become a forever favorite of mine and is on my lifetime music playlist
On July 17th 2001, Aaliyah released her third and final self titled "Aaliyah" after a five year full album hiatus from her second album one in a million. At the time she had finally released a full album, of course to hold the fans over. We had the singles from the movie soundtracks  such as 1998 Doctor Do Little  SDTK "Are You That Somebody?"  and in 2000 Romeo Must Die SDTK, "Try Again, I Don't Wanna, Come Back In One Piece and are you Feeling Me?.
It was an exciting time for Aaliyah it was a year after a successful movie and soundtrack, she had entered into legal adulthood She w…

Hotter Than July

Photo Source - Black Matter Protest in Baton Rouge LA

The week of July 4th 2016 will probably be one of the most memorable weeks in American history. The begining of that week of course was the birthday of the United States celebrating independence. You know the usual fireworks, barbeques, typical independence day fair. As the week continued a crazy three days of life changing events escalated. First up was the shooting death of Alton Sterling On Tuesday July 5th in Baton LA and then on July 6th Philandro Castille was killed during a "routine traffic stop"  in the Falcon Heights area of Minnesota. 

Then on July 7th during a black lives matters protest in Dallas TX, 11 officers were wounded and 5 were killed during the protest. The deaths of Sterling and Castille were wrong  and the killings of the police officers were wrong as well. Violence on top of violence does not solve the problem or cure ignorance. My last post talking about the death of Alton Sterling was crea…

Stakes Are High!

Images from Google Images: Alton Sterling
When will the violence cease? When your troops stop shooting us down in the streets! - Tupac "I Wonder If heaven got a ghetto?"

Summer 16 as the youth call it has been a trying one, we are over hundred days into the year. I have read and seen more pain with heartache than one can handle in a six month time period. I am truly at a lost for words, due to the recent shooting death of Alton Sterling. By the hands of two Baton Rouge Police officers. Sterling on a Tuesday night July 6th outside of a convince store was selling CD's, an anonymous tip came that he was to believed to be pointing his gun at someone.

Police arrive to the seen and approach Sterling in attempts to detain him, they use a taser and force Sterling down to the ground. At this point Sterling is pinned down to the ground, and someone yells gun and five shots and Sterling dies from gun shot wounds to the chest. Now I am about to say somethings some of you may not wan…