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 Images Source CNN and Google: Christina Grimmie above and Club Shooting Scene Below

It has been one hell of a weekend in the United States of America, I guess the devil has came out to play. We are living in some strange days right now. I don't speak much on world issues.  I understand,but feel not to well versed to speak on it on this blog; but with these current events I feel like I need to say something. 

On Friday night June 11th 2016, Up and coming singer Christina Grimmie and a finalist on season six of the Voice was signing autographs outside her show in Orlando FL. A deranged man came to the meet and greet with two loaded  guns to the venue where Christina performed that night.  While signing autographs the shooter fired his gun killing Christina, the shooter was tackled down by Christina brother Marcus, the shooter ended up killing himself.

I didnt know much about this young lady until  this incident happened, from what I seen of her I saw pure talent, she got her start from youtube and seemed to be on her way. It is truly heartbreaking to see this happen to Christina or anyone. What boggles my mind is how this terrible person was able to get through security with not one, but two guns and a knife. 

Did we not just have a crazy shoot out happen in New York city at the T.I concert? Fans and artist a like should be able to feel safe during performances, and autographs signings after the show.  Christina was only twenty two years old. She had a young fan base that followed  her and they loved her. It is a shame that the fans had to witness that on friday night.

I am really annoyed with the security and police safety, that man along with everyone else should have been patted down and searched for weapons. I been to concerts where I had to give up pens and combs at  the front door and that was last year in  Phoenix AZ. So I don't see why this venue was so laxed on security, or I get it's a pop artist nothing like this can happen right? Well we see the outcome of that! Can't be too careful as we all can see, someone lost their life

I am sad for Christina, her family and her many fans who loved her, I am also sad that I did not get a chance to see her grow. 

Gone Too Soon........

Well going into the weekend also in Orlando FL late Saturday night early Sunday morning at night club that serves the LGBTQ community. A Gunman went into the night club during the pride and latin night at the club opened fire killing fifty people and injuring fifty three others. Allegedly the gunman saw two men kissing in Miami his son happened to see that as well and stories are floating that is what sparked his rage causing the gunman to go on a shooting spree.

It is being called an act of terrorism, being that the gunman was of muslim faith, he was killed by the Orlando police. I call it a pure act of hate, now I understand some lifestyles may rub some the wrong way and that is okay. we are not meant to be the same. But becuase this person does not like that person, it does not give anyone the right to play GOD no matter what the circumstances or situation maybe.

Homosexuality is not everyone cup tea and it don't have to be, but people are going to live their lives whether some of us like or not. Those people in that night club did not deserve that at all, no one no matter what their sexuality is should not be murdered while trying to have a good time.

It is so sad that this is happening in our world right now, kids can't walk to school without walking through a war zone in their own neighborhood. We are still marching and protesting for basic human rights and now people of certain life style have to live in fear becuase of who they are.

At the end of day we are one race and that is the human race, when we realize love is the answer maybe then we can finally breathe.

R.I.P Christina Grimmie and Those whose lost their lives in club shooting



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