Black Music Month

                                                   Google Images: Black Music Month Collage

I know President Obama coined it to be African American Appreciation Month. I love my president very much so. But I am going to stick to saying black music month, anyways besides my birthday, this is a second favorite month of mine.

Let's celebrate the singers, entertainers, writers,producers who contribute in the realm of RnB, Gospel, Jazz, Hip -Hop, blues, soul and funk. We all know I am a music nerd as the day is long. And proud of it, black music month is a celebration of the foundation of what we here in today's music.

When I was coming up this time of year was celebrated very well. From music magazines to music specials on TV. A lot of albums dropped during black music month. Stay tune as I talk about more great album of 1996 also a look back at the year 2006 R&B albums.

Happy Black Music Month everyone!


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