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Great Albums Of 1996: Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt

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 "96 and forever, roc a block, roc a fella" - Jay-Z "Feeling It"

Reasonable Doubt released June 25th 1996
Another album 20th aniversary is upon us, alot of classic albums came out twenty years ago, and this album I am going chit chat about is definitely a classic inthe hip-hop realm. This album became the blue print to telling the tales of the street hustler. Unfortunatley some rap artist lived a life less than desirable prior to their road to success in rap. The debate of the glorfication of the drug game in hip-hop is still widely debated to this day.

That is a conversation for another day and time, before he was signing athletes to his managment company and molding artist, before Tidal streaming serivces. In 1996 retired drug dealer Shawn Carter and his friends Damon Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke was on the rise with their record label Roc A Fella records. There was only one artist on the label at the time and the artist at the time was Shaw…

Great Albums Of 1996: Mona Lisa 11-20-79

Photo Source: Google Images - Mona Lisa duel album covers

June 11th 1996 Mona Lisa released her debut 11-20-79

As I continue with my series of great albums of 1996, this album that I am featuring on this post is probably in my top 10 of  my top 100 favorite albums. I promise I will treat you all to that list one day soon, I have been mentally creating that list forever, as old albums stay the same, new albums come out so stay tuned. Anyway this album featured on today's post is an album that I still play on a regular basis to this day.

Movie soundtracks was big in the 90s, sometimes even bigger than regular albums, the Wayans brothers had this hilarious move called "Don't be a menace while drinking your juice in south central" a spoof on all the hood classic films in the 90s.  The soundtrack was even better, R&B singer Joe had one of the biggest hits that helped him become name in R&B. He had a song called "All The Things…

Forty Five: Happy Birthday Tupac

Images Source Google: Tupac as Bishop from the movie Juice

I was at work earlier this week and I  work with a lot of younger co workers in their early to mid twenties and they stress about getting older. Some are quick to call someone old who is 29 years old or older. I laugh and chuckle at them a lot and they ask why do I laugh? I laugh becuase they don't how much getting older is a gift and living full life is awesome. I never stressed over age being that neither one my parents made it to their 50th birthday. If we all knew what our fate was, would we worry about getting old? 

Today would have been Tupac Shakur 45th birthday, that is right twenty years ago he died at the age of 25 years old. If anyone is familar with Tupac music, he rapped about his fate quite often and on his 1995 album "Me against the world" through out this album he wrestled with his soul. Take the song "So Many Tears" He rapped verseslike "I know my destiny is hell where did I fail?, …


Images Source CNN and Google: Christina Grimmie above and Club Shooting Scene Below

It has been one hell of a weekend in the United States of America, I guess the devil has came out to play. We are living in some strange days right now. I don't speak much on world issues.  I understand,but feel not to well versed to speak on it on this blog; but with these current events I feel like I need to say something. 

On Friday night June 11th 2016, Up and coming singer Christina Grimmie and a finalist on season six of the Voice was signing autographs outside her show in Orlando FL. A deranged man came to the meet and greet with two loaded  guns to the venue where Christina performed that night.  While signing autographs the shooter fired his gun killing Christina, the shooter was tackled down by Christina brother Marcus, the shooter ended up killing himself.

I didnt know much about this young lady until  this incident happened, from what I seen of her I saw pure talent, she got her start fro…

Black Music Month

Google Images: Black Music Month Collage

I know President Obama coined it to be African American Appreciation Month. I love my president very much so. But I am going to stick to saying black music month, anyways besides my birthday, this is a second favorite month of mine.

Let's celebrate the singers, entertainers, writers,producers who contribute in the realm of RnB, Gospel, Jazz, Hip -Hop, blues, soul and funk. We all know I am a music nerd as the day is long. And proud of it, black music month is a celebration of the foundation of what we here in today's music.

When I was coming up this time of year was celebrated very well. From music magazines to music specials on TV. A lot of albums dropped during black music month. Stay tune as I talk about more great album of 1996 also a look back at the year 2006 R&B albums.

Happy Black Music Month everyone!