Warning Shots: Yeah BET we saw that!

                                           Google Images: BET Prince Tribute Promo Pic

This past sunday was the Billboard Music Awards on May 22md, and watching the Weeknd win the R&B catergory when he was nominated numerous times in the same category left me scratching my head. But that is neither here nor there. The talk of the show was the Prince tribute, it has been some weeks since Prince has passed away and it is still fresh on our brains.

Billboard is the first music show so far to do a tribute, and I do appreciate them for that. I mean the man murdered on the charts back in the day so it is only fitting for them to do a tribute for Prince. Now at first when I heard that Madonna was doing the tribute I was like okay and who else is going to be there? Crickets!!! So the show came on sunday and it was like for waiting for the monuments on mount rush more to blink. 

Celine Dion was refreshing to watch while waiting on the tribute, so then finally the tribute came on and Madonna turns around in her chair with her Liberace meets colonial times outfit in lavender. Singing none other than "Nothing Compares To You"  Remade by Sinead O'Conor in the late eighties. Now don't get me wrong I like Madonna I am a 80's babies and Borderline still bumps in when I am in the house.

But to do that song, was not for her, Darling Nikki? Maybe, but nothing compares eh um well it is all said and done now. But the warning shot BET sent out after the performance was classic, funny and kind of got me nervous at the same time. Yes BET we all saw that, and y'all better come through.

Now what I request from BET, one make sure that sound system is on point, when it comes to productions whether it is a award show or a concert for R&B, Gospel and Hip Hop. The sound system is not always on point like it should be. Mics sometimes make the artist sound pitchy or borderline screaming. So I am asking get a handle on that BET.

The Line up: The Band should be folks from the revolution and new power generation, go find Wendy. Lisa And Andre. If she is up to it Shelia E should serve as band leader on this production. It would only be right and now the singers, Slash on guitar, Lenny Gravitz on Guitar and vocals, Also it would not hurt for Gary Clark Jr to be apart of the show as well Janelle Monae would be great, Miguel would be cool along with some . I know Alicia Keys will be apart of it, so no need to request her. And Maxwell with that falsetto of his man to hear him on adore oh lawd.

The songs to focus on, and not be cliche, but it would not hurt to try, "Baby I am a star. Adore (for Maxwell). I would die for U, Diamonds and pearls" just to name a few.  The ball is in your court BET not only for this tribute but to bring back excellence to the award the show and the channel.

BET I am counting on you!!!!


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