Great Albums Of 1996: SWV "New Begining"


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 April 23rd 1996 SWV Releases Sophmore Album:

Black Music Month as I still call it,  is in a few days and on a couple post earlier this year I spoke on Tupac, Maxwell, Fugees and Busta Albums that was released in 1996. This is a segment I will continue through out the year and will also talk about some albums that is turning ten this year as well. But right now the focus is on the year 1996, around this time of year is when some heat for the spring and summer of that year came out. I guess you can say 1996 was a coming of age time in my life, I was leaving grade school in the spring and entering high school in the fall of that year. 

April 23rd 1996 I was in my last days of being a kid in grade school, but on that particular date, Taj, Leelee and Coko aka SWV released  their second LP, what was called at the time their Sophmore album "New Begining" The single at the time was " You're The One"  that kicked off the album as well. On this album we saw the girls transition from being girls who was weak over a guy to become women who experienced up and downs of love.

My sister had this cassette tape and when I tell you I wore it out,  I played it until there was no more words sorry sis,  this was good album front to back. I still play this on my ipod on a regular basis in 2016. I know some of you are probably thinking  when will you ever talk about music that is current?  I sure will when I feel like it, but right now I am all about urban music of 1996.

This album featured production from Erick Sermon, Chuck Thompson, Faith Evans, The Neputnes ( a young Pharrell and Chad) Andrea Martin. Redman was featured on the album as well, as I mentioned The Neptunes produced one the songs on the album "Use Your Heart" Pharrell made appearance earlier on the Right here remix he could be heard on the into saying the letters of the group name.

Since then I have been following the neptunes production, New beginning featured more lead vocals from Taj as mentioned Use your heart and she can also be heard All about you as well. Vocally this album showed the group vocal range especially of the lead singer Coko on songs like "Fine Time, Love Is So Amazin, What's It's Gonna Be" let us the listener get a change to hear the Coko as a serious vocalist. 

Is this a classic? Well I believe so, but that is my opinion, if you have not heard this Album after reading this, go check it out....Better late than never.

 SWV was Queens of the Remix: Below check out You're The One Remix & Use Your Heart:



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