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Warning Shots: Yeah BET we saw that!

Google Images: BET Prince Tribute Promo Pic

This past sunday was the Billboard Music Awards on May 22md, and watching the Weeknd win the R&B catergory when he was nominated numerous times in the same category left me scratching my head. But that is neither here nor there. The talk of the show was the Prince tribute, it has been some weeks since Prince has passed away and it is still fresh on our brains.

Billboard is the first music show so far to do a tribute, and I do appreciate them for that. I mean the man murdered on the charts back in the day so it is only fitting for them to do a tribute for Prince. Now at first when I heard that Madonna was doing the tribute I was like okay and who else is going to be there? Crickets!!! So the show came on sunday and it was like for waiting for the monuments on mount rush more to blink. 

Celine Dion was refreshing to watch while waiting on the tribute, so then finally the tribute came on and Madonna turns around in her chair with …

Great Albums Of 1996: SWV "New Begining"

Google Images: SWV New Beginning

April 23rd 1996 SWV Releases Sophmore Album:

Black Music Month as I still call it,  is in a few days and on a couple post earlier this year I spoke on Tupac, Maxwell, Fugees and Busta Albums that was released in 1996. This is a segment I will continue through out the year and will also talk about some albums that is turning ten this year as well. But right now the focus is on the year 1996, around this time of year is when some heat for the spring and summer of that year came out. I guess you can say 1996 was a coming of age time in my life, I was leaving grade school in the spring and entering high school in the fall of that year. 

April 23rd 1996 I was in my last days of being a kid in grade school, but on that particular date, Taj, Leelee and Coko aka SWV released  their second LP, what was called at the time their Sophmore album "New Begining" The single at the time w…

Remembering Left Eye

Google Images: Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

 "Dreams are hopeless aspirations of coming true, Believe in yourself, the rest is up to me and you"

                                                                                                                              Left Eye
I know, I Know I am a month late, but better late than never!  fourteen years ago on April 25th 2002 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes died in a terrible car accident. It is hard to believe it has been fourteen years since she passed away, I remember finding out the news on friday morning why getting ready for school. I was a college freshman at the time so as I was getting ready school, Magic Man the DJ said Left Eye from TLC has died in a car crash in Honduras.

Six months prior Aaliyah had passed in a plane crash down in the bahamas, and now Left Eye died in a tragic accident by the way of transportation as well. I could not believe that was happening again to another person like this. I was a kid wh…