Twenty Anniversary: Maxwell Urban Suite

1996 a lot of great albums came out during that year from Nas "It was Written" to Aaliyah "One In A Million" My birthday recently passed in March, I hit the big 3-5 and it was an awesome day, this is age of changes and transitions. Twenty years ago (wow) I was going thru transitions and changes leaving from grade school and going into high school.

1996 is the year I became a freshman in high school, and also that same year a freshman to the music business Maxwell released his debut album "Urban Hang Suite" on this day April 2nd 1996. I guess you can say this album was pre neo soul. Maxwell was different, here he was this fella very easy on the eyes with a smooth velvet soft and sometimes strong voice singing love songs with a big curly afro.

This album brought the term Midnight love to a new level, it boasted singles such as "Til The Cops Come Knocking,  Sumthin, Sumthin, Acension and Whenever, Wherever, Whatever". This album solidified Maxwell as one the premiere R&B artist 90's and the 2000's as we wait for the follow up to black summer's night. I myself will be revsiting Urban Hang Suite, and also the live MTV Unplugged version as well.


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