I make sure everything remains raw

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Last Post I talked about the 20th album anniversary of Maxwell debut album, well there are some more iconic albums in the land of hip-hop & RnB that has turned twenty as well.

On February 13th also the same day as the infamous  release of "All Eyez On Me" by none other then Tupac Shakur was released.  Also on that same day the refugees aka the Fugees released their second album titled "The Score" an album that snuck up on everyone with their infectious songs, "Fu-gee-la,  Ready or Not", and the cult classic and Roberta Flack remake "Killing Me Softly"

The Score was also the platform that set up the magnum opus which is now known as "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill" by none Other then the group only female MC Lauryn Hill. I remember I actually had the score t-shirt. I been a music nerd, and y'all know this, not only did this project highlight the talents of Ms. Hill. It also showcased the production skills of Wyclef  Jean and showed the dept of third member Pras who went on to be apart of the hit "Ghetto Superstar" in the late 90's feat. Mya and the late ODB.

A month later on March 26th 1996 another classic album arrived on shelves,  The premiere star of the leaders of the new school. Busta Rhymes step out on his own with his first solo project called "The Coming" this was a loud and very colorful album, a long with the videos as well. "Woo Ha: I got you all in check" was the first single off the album. I remember that video open up with Busta and friends sitting in the car and he was rapping "Everything Remains Raw" I still think that had one of the sickest beats ever.

He followed up with "It's A Party" feat. Zhane" this was the beginning of the fun and animated music from Busta Rhymes. Don't get me wrong I will newer artists along the way on this site, however I must pay tribute to the ones before who help shape me into the music nerd I am today

Salute to the Fugees and Busta rhymes for making classic LPs


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