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Doves Are Crying Through The Purple Rain!


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 "That when you find out that your better off making sure your soul alright!" 
                                                                                                  - Prince "Money Don't Matter Tonight"

I remember as a child growing hanging out with my aunt as she would run errands and riding around with her in the car and she always played music. She once was playing this song and the voice that came through the speakers in a high falsetto tone. Saying "You don't have to be beautiful" and that voice was none other than Prince and the song she was playing that day was "Kiss" I didnt understand it back then but all I knew is that I liked it a lot.

 As I grew up over the years I found myself building my own Prince collection, I learned to love every thing about him from his hair down to his high heel boots. It was not conventional for a man to wear make up and lace, but it was Prince and you just let him be. He was a musical genius, played over twenty six instruments, he wrote, recorded and arranged all his own music.

He produced one of the best movie soundtracks of all time, which is the orginal batman soundtrack, well I loved that sound track.  Prince dominated the 80's and 90's with his music, He was always mentioned in the company of Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston and Madonna. I use to call that  the big four. Prince brought innovation to the music industry, with his eclectic styles of rock, funk, soul, blues, R&B and pop.

Through Prince I learned a lot  about the inner workings of shade that happens when an artist signs a record contract. In the nineties he went through an infamous battle with Warner Brothers records. Prince wanted to own the full rights to his masters and release more music. The label didnt want to let him, so when Prince wanted out of his contract, he didn't own his name, that right he didn't own his name, the label did.

So my man Prince said eff you and your mama too at the label, left his name with them and became the symbol and the infamous. "The artist formerly known as..." or as I called him; "TAFKAP." And  he even had the word slave etched into his beard. Well as you all know he got what he wanted as far as his name and released more recordings through out the years.

And becuase of the legal battle with warner brothers it is hard as hell in 2016 to stream a Prince album, becuase the man played no games with his art. Do you know how hard it has been to find the physical copy of the gold experience? It's like trying to find Waldo and Carmen San Diego at Star Bucks in the day time with a flash light and that is pretty damn hard to do.

So on April 21st 2016 when it was announced to the world that Prince Nelson Rogers passed away at the age fifty seven. The saddeness that took over my heart could not even be described, it is still fresh and new to us all but we truly lost a musical legend. Just like when Micheal passed we slowly felt  the abscence of his pressence in music and with Prince it is going to be the same.

I can sit here and talk about how music is not going to be the same. But I am not, what I will say is that it is more important now than ever that we get on our legislators, local and goverment politicians to bring back music and arts to our american schools. It is very vital that we introduce the children to instruments, music reading, chrous etc. 

There very well could be another prince out there right now teaching his or herself how to play the guitar and with the proper guidence and education they could very well be another musical genius in the making. The best way to remember Prince and his contributions  to music, is to support the local arts from the church choir to the young girl playing her guitar at the train station. Of course Prince could never be replaced, and there are some artist out there the he has influenced and it time to support live instruments and good albums again.

Give support to the Gary Clark Jr's,  Tori Kelly's, Yuna's, we have good music folks it time to close our eyes and open our ears and just listen. 

We will always have Prince amazing body of work that he blessed us with, I just want to say thank you Prince for being different and bold, rocking out with us through out the years. May the lord forever bless your soul and may you rest in enternal peace. 

Prince Nelson Rogers: June 7 1958 - April 21 2016   

I guess doves do cry!



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