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Doves Are Crying Through The Purple Rain!

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 "That when you find out that your better off making sure your soul alright!" 
                                                                                                  - Prince "Money Don't Matter Tonight"

I remember as a child growing hanging out with my aunt as she would run errands and riding around with her in the car and she always played music. She once was playing this song and the voice that came through the speakers in a high falsetto tone. Saying "You don't have to be beautiful" and that voice was none other than Prince and the song she was playing that day was "Kiss" I didnt understand it back then but all I knew is that I liked it a lot.

 As I grew up over the years I found myself building my own Prince collection, I learned to love every thing about him from his hair down to his high heel boots. It was not conventional for a man to wear make up and lace, but it was Prince and you just let him be. …

Tale Of The Tape: Anderson Paak Malibu

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If you heard Dr. Dre's  Compton album, than you may have heard of Anderson Paak who recently signed to Aftermath records. At the Top of the year Anderson released his full length album called Malibu. An Album filled with eclectic sounds. Will Anderson be the fresh air that music needs? Or Will he just be a part of the wave that goes along the lines of Trap Soul?  

We Will See! This is Tale Of Tape: Anderson Paak Malibu

The Bird:  This track kicks off the album, a breezy sound with the horns. guitars and drums complementing the track very well. A very introspective song, Anderson touches on his life, from saying that his sister use to listen to Whitney Houston to his father being in prison. And he tackle the everyday life struggle that we all experience on the day to day basis. This song open the album up the album very well, I heard of Anderson prior to this project, but this song is more of a formal introduction to who Mr. Paak is and that is a good thing. The…

I make sure everything remains raw

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Last Post I talked about the 20th album anniversary of Maxwell debut album, well there are some more iconic albums in the land of hip-hop & RnB that has turned twenty as well.

On February 13th also the same day as the infamous  release of "All Eyez On Me" by none other then Tupac Shakur was released.  Also on that same day the refugees aka the Fugees released their second album titled "The Score" an album that snuck up on everyone with their infectious songs, "Fu-gee-la,  Ready or Not", and the cult classic and Roberta Flack remake "Killing Me Softly"

The Score was also the platform that set up the magnum opus which is now known as "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill" by none Other then the group only female MC Lauryn Hill. I remember I actually had the score t-shirt. I been a music nerd, and y'all know this, not only did this project highlight the talents of Ms. Hill. It also showcased the production skills…

Twenty Anniversary: Maxwell Urban Suite

1996 a lot of great albums came out during that year from Nas "It was Written" to Aaliyah "One In A Million" My birthday recently passed in March, I hit the big 3-5 and it was an awesome day, this is age of changes and transitions. Twenty years ago (wow) I was going thru transitions and changes leaving from grade school and going into high school.

1996 is the year I became a freshman in high school, and also that same year a freshman to the music business Maxwell released his debut album "Urban Hang Suite" on this day April 2nd 1996. I guess you can say this album was pre neo soul. Maxwell was different, here he was this fella very easy on the eyes with a smooth velvet soft and sometimes strong voice singing love songs with a big curly afro.

This album brought the term Midnight love to a new level, it boasted singles such as "Til The Cops Come Knocking,  Sumthin, Sumthin, Acension and Whenever, Wherever, Whatever".This album solidified Maxwell …

I See You Beyonce!!!!

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So this past week Beyonce debut her active sports wear line "IVYPARK", about a month ago there was a leak of what is allegedly suppose to be the track list to the artist upcoming album.  Then the latest edition of Elle magazine features on Beyonce on the cover. As I am typing this it is the end of of April 1st going into April 2nd.

This coming Monday April 4th, which also will be the eight anniversary of Beyonce and Jay Z marriage. So I am predicting that her album will drop the coming week starting the 4th. I am no insider in the industry, I have no intel, this is a pure gut feeling also her tour kicks off sometime during the month so we will see if that album drops.

We shall see!!!!