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Everyone likes to look fresh, that a known fact, we all have our own styles and even favorite brands that we wear, and it is even when your favorite celebrity comes out with their own clothing line. 

The latest celeb to come out with his own clothing line is Chris Brown, and team breezy is over joyed about this. Not quite, when brown released the pieces and prices to the clothing line black pyramid some of his fans were less than thrilled with what the prices are.

A couple of his shirts are priced around seventy to ninety dollars and of course in the age of social media, some folks took to his page to express their disappointment. And in typical Breezy fashion he was very vocal on the opinions of his fans displeasure with his clothing prices, so brown states “What the f*** you be talking bout when you say buy 10-15 albums? How much is that b**th?”  and then he continued with, “You b***h n***as killing over Jordan’s waiting outside for yeezys for days”

Mr. Brown has young a fan base that are mostly young adults, and mostly young women, so let’s look at the details the average person who is young adult between the ages let’s say they are 16-25 years old.  that is pretty much around the age range of the average Chris Brown fan. So in some regards depending on the fan, more than likely parents are still buying their clothes, some still get an allowance or work part time jobs after school.

And those fans that are in the higher end of the age spectrum in his fan base, are either college students, who pay money for books, student loans, room and board and all the things that comes with being a college student . And some maybe branching out on their own from home, maintaining a car and apartment, just getting started in the world so there income is not as disposable.

Fans may have brought ten to fifteen albums when he was singing "Wall to Wall" and the people killing over jordans escape route is lame. First of  all people are loosing their lives over a sneaker is a serious matter and instead of berating folks maybe you Chris could lend your voice and aid help stopping the sneaker violence. 

And those that stand in line and wait for yeezy's are not your fanbase bro so let that go my friend. Instead of snapping back to fans who complains about your clothing prices, engage in conversation with and provide reasons why your prices are like they are. 

At end of the day fans are the reason artist are able to thrive in their platform of creativity, if you turn your back on them then who are going to buy your clothes.


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