Changes and Transitions

It has been a busy few weeks, new place of employment and going thru training so that been going on, home let see America has lost it mind and is allowing for Donald trump to be top runner for the repubican party. Much more on that later as I will speak my thoughts of 2016 election that his happening.

All Eyes on Me turned 20 on Febuary 13th 2016

The infamous double album of all time, it came out five months after Tupac was released from prison and also seven months before his untimely passing. All eyez on me came out at the height of the east coast/west coast rivalry that sparked from an acusation Pac made during his stint in prison when he alleged that Notorious B.I.G and Sean Puffy combs was behind his shooting in 1994 at Quad studios in NYC.

I remember very well when this album dropped, I was in 8th grade and if you read the past posts on here you know I am very fond of music from that era and this is definitley apart of the pack. California love is the jam, even though I was living on the east coat in Buffalo NY and at time never stepped foot in that state. You couldnt tell me I wasnt from cali (lol).

 Playing how do you want it at the top of speakers was never a good idea, got told a few times to please use headphones. The fact that i was still able to listen to it, still amazes me, at that time I was a  huge Jodeci fan and with K-Ci  & Jojo on the hook a girl was in heaven.

Let's not forget about "I ain't mad at you" featuring Danny Boy, and right now in my adult life this song is something I listen and take heed of every word. Tupac was a poet in my eyes and meant alot to a generation of youth who felt misunderstood and misguided at times.

This was an interesting album out of the Tupac releases, my favorite will always be "Me Against The World", but this was a dope album on it own. My how time flies, twenty years ago music in my eyes for ever changed when Tupac passed away well at least in the Hip-Hop sense. To this day the genre has not had such a prolific figure, he was passionate guy who at times let his ego get the best of him.

I wonder what life would be like if Tupac had access to twitter, All Eyez would have definitely remained on him..............


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