A Stream Deferred Part two: Tidal Wave


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So Kanye West the life Pablo has arrived online and exclusively on the Tidal Streaming, he advised that it will not be on apple music or Spotify, so to hear the album you must have a tidal subscription. This is the state of music, artist are holding exclusivity rights to certain platforms, the days of having a physical release seems  to be numbered.

Despite his antics and tantrums, I do like Kanye West music (shrugs) and so far I have not heard the T.L.O.P and I am not sweating either. I did a free trial of Tidal and I do like the service. However it is not in a sista budget to pay extra ten dollars a month to listen to music. I still by music and also use Spotify free. Now I do know that Kanye recent project has been bootlegged like no other right now, but I am not taking that chance with getting it illegal, I played that game in the past and trust me it is not worth it.

This new trend of artists releasing their albums on streaming sites directly is nothing new however making a point for a consumer to subscribe to a particular platform is not sitting well with me. As a music consumer I have had no problems in the past with buying music of an artist I support and then when ITunes came along and allowed the snippets of the songs to be heard before purchasing was alright with me.

I feel like it is being forced on people to subscribe to these streaming sites in order to here their favorite artists, and some of us don’t want to sign up and put a card on file to hear music. Don’t get me wrong I am signed up with Spotify free, keyword free, even though I have to deal with commercial with the free services I don’t feel obligated to be signed up to the prenium service. Spotify has the choice to go premium and that is fine and all but I will stick with the free option for now.

I did apple music for a few months with the three month free trial which was cool but I didn’t like how they messed with my local files on my Ipod and phone. And at first it was not the most easiest site to use but once I understood what how it flowed It was okay. Tidal subscriptions on the hand may be unique being that exclusive content goes directly to Tidal fromt he artist who are on the board.

I just had a birthday call me old, but I miss the old way of getting music sometimes.


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