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You On Point Phife?

Image Source: Google "A Tribe Called Quest" - Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed

On March 22nd 2016 the hip hop world, lost another legend, founding member of rap group A Tribe Called Quest: Malik Taylor aka Phife Dawg. Passed away at the age of 45 years old, Phife through out the years suffered from diabetes.

When it comes to genre of hip-hop ATCQ is definitely one of my favorite groups, if you wanted to know what the true essence of hip-hop is. It would be those four fellas known as Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Shaheed and Jarobi.  With the passing of Phife Dawg it is a valuable lesson in taking better care of one self, he was only 45 years of age.

Also known as the five footer, as he would say in his rhymes, Phife had a  pure flow and in my personal opinion when it comes to the conversation of who the top lyricists of all time. Phife name is rarely mention in that list and it is a shame and now that he passed away I bet he comes up on the lists now.

I've said it in the past when he…

Tale Of The Tape: Mya - Smooth Jones

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About eighteen years ago (wow)  Mya hit the scene with her song "It's all about me" feat the Mr.Thong song himself Sisqo.  Mya came in around the time as I call the trinty was in full effect and when I say the trinity I am speaking of Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, when they was killing the game. Mya had her own niche in the late 90's early 00's, her last major studio album was in 2003 with Moodring. Since then she released her albums through independent releases and kinda has a low profile in contrast to the begining of her career. Fast forward to 2016 Mya has released eighth full length studio album, on her own label planet 9, I took some time to listen Ms. Mya Smooth Jones album. Is this a worthy album to have? Does she bring the heat? or should we move on? Well will you have to see below and this tale of the tape:

Tale of the Tape: Mya Smooth Jones

Smooth Jones Intro:  Smooth Jones is Mya radio DJ alter ego, this intro starts off Mya speaking int…

Poppin Tags

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Everyone likes to look fresh, that a known fact, we all have our own styles and even favorite brands that we wear, and it is even when your favorite celebrity comes out with their own clothing line. 
The latest celeb to come out with his own clothing line is Chris Brown, and team breezy is over joyed about this. Not quite, when brown released the pieces and prices to the clothing line black pyramid some of his fans were less than thrilled with what the prices are.
A couple of his shirts are priced around seventy to ninety dollars and of course in the age of social media, some folks took to his page to express their disappointment. And in typical Breezy fashion he was very vocal on the opinions of his fans displeasure with his clothing prices, so brown states “What the f*** you be talking bout when you say buy 10-15 albums? How much is that b**th?”  and then he continued with, “You b***h n***as killing over Jordan’s waiting outside for yeezys for …

A Stream Deferred Part two: Tidal Wave

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So Kanye West the life Pablo has arrived online and exclusively on the Tidal Streaming, he advised that it will not be on apple music or Spotify, so to hear the album you must have a tidal subscription. This is the state of music, artist are holding exclusivity rights to certain platforms, the days of having a physical release seems  to be numbered.
Despite his antics and tantrums, I do like Kanye West music (shrugs) and so far I have not heard the T.L.O.P and I am not sweating either. I did a free trial of Tidal and I do like the service. However it is not in a sista budget to pay extra ten dollars a month to listen to music. I still by music and also use Spotify free. Now I do know that Kanye recent project has been bootlegged like no other right now, but I am not taking that chance with getting it illegal, I played that game in the past and trust me it is not worth it.
This new trend of artists releasing their albums on streaming sites dire…

Changes and Transitions

It has been a busy few weeks, new place of employment and going thru training so that been going on, home let see America has lost it mind and is allowing for Donald trump to be top runner for the repubican party. Much more on that later as I will speak my thoughts of 2016 election that his happening.

All Eyes on Me turned 20 on Febuary 13th 2016

The infamous double album of all time, it came out five months after Tupac was released from prison and also seven months before his untimely passing. All eyez on me came out at the height of the east coast/west coast rivalry that sparked from an acusation Pac made during his stint in prison when he alleged that Notorious B.I.G and Sean Puffy combs was behind his shooting in 1994 at Quad studios in NYC.

I remember very well when this album dropped, I was in 8th grade and if you read the past posts on here you know I am very fond of music from that era and this is definitley apart of the pack. California love is the jam, even though I was living …