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I cannot believe it has been four years since the passing of the late great singer Whitney Houston, on February 11th 2012. Houston passed away in her hotel room, we know all the stories and the scandals that happened in the last decade of her life and I will not focus on that.

Today I would like to focus on what she brought and meant to music, simply known as the voice, Whitney was blessed with amazing gift of singing and I am so glad that I was able to witness her true talents.

I salute you Whitney Houston and may God bless your soul

R.I.P 8/9/63 -2/11/2012

Sad Fact:  Whitney was Brandy Idol and she passed on Brandy birthday. So if you follow Brandy on social media send her some wishes on this day

This Album is turning 31 on valentines day, my how times files.........

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