Soul Star Live Episode 1

Hello out there, as a part of this blog I will be saving episodes of a show I help produce called Soul Star Live, that airs on I am the music producer of the show, and it is produced by Kaja Brown, and features hosts, Calvin Worthen, Diva D, Lady Sincere and Dr. James Moore. It airs Each week 5pm Sunday MST.

Soul Star live airs  weekly, it is an cultural affairs radio program and podcast examining news, current events, arts and culture through the lens of persons of African descent.

This is the podcast of the premiere broadcast of "Soul Star Live", a Black/African cultural affairs program on Radio Phoenix.
During the hour we sound off on a myriad of current events, share the first half of our spotlight on Mrs. Elizabeth White, founder of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe in Phoenix, and discuss where we are nearly 48 years after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., with our panel and the multi-talented Paris Toon.

Hear the live show, Sundays 5pm to 6pm Arizona Time (UTC-7) at this link:

Stay connected to Soul Star Live:

Twitter: @soulstarlive1

Mrs. White's:

Paris Toon
Twitter: @mfcsoul


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