Noir Niche part II: And The Award Goes to.......

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At this stage in the game do artists of color in world of film really need oscars to acknowledge their work? Well that has been the debate with the trending topic being #oscarsowhite has been the current theme for about a year now. Since the release of the nominations for the eighty eighth annual Oscar awards coming up displayed once again a predominatley white selection of nominees.

The Oscars was established on May 16th 1929, so with that being said it was never designed for people of color to succeed in the arts and the film academy. Hollywood is an old regime still to this day and you know what that is alright. That is ok for it to be that way, I know you are thinking well why would say that Shema?

We need to become more diverse and be accepted, that was what many in history faught for Shema! You are exaclty right, I support diversity all day everyday. As much as I want to see a change in things like the Oscars. I also and very much so want people of color in the film, television and music to come together and create therir avenues for them selves and others of all walks of life.

I do understand wanting to be acknowledged and rewarded by the prestigious academy such as an oscar for film acomplisments. For working hard and paying dues, we all want to be rewarded for our work and talents in every aspect of life.

However why do we keep fighting to be apart of something that don't want us in the first place? Look at like this we all have different taste buds. Some us like salad and some of us like meat; So if you want salad you go eat at super salad. If you want meat you go to texas road house, and let that be that.

If your body of work did not get nominated for an oscar it is all good, there are hundreds of awards and films festivals through out the year that would love to acknowledge and reward you. In 2016 there are plenty of African Americans film directors, writers, actors and producers that could come together and make their own award show that awards excellence. 

We want more diversity, we have to create it for our selves and stop waiting for old establishments like the oscars to give us our just due. You mine as well wait for the mountuments at mount rushmore to sing motownphilly. (T.Oates)

That is why I feel there is a need for niches, becuase at the end of the day it is not about segragation it is about celebration. If they dont like you on this side of hte street, then street cross the street and go make friends that do like you and bring others.

 And for the record my bolonga has a name and it ends with Meyer......Only Oscar I ever cared about!


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