Game Changer: 30th Aniversary Of Janet Jackson Control

 Photo Source: Google Images - Janet Jackson Control Album

I was five years old and this video would come on, of Janet Jackson dancing thru the streets looking for her crush. I love the song "When I Think Of You"  It was a fun time in those in days, music videos was fun and colorful and Janet was becoming  a mega star in her own right.

Thirty years ago on Febuary 4th 1986, Janet Jackson third album Conrol hit streets and set the music world on fire. It produced seven consectative singles. "What Have You Done For Me Lately, Nasty, When I think of you, Control, Let's Wait Awhile, The Pleasure Principle, Funny How Time Files".

Critically acclaimed album to let the world know Ms. Jackson had arrived and she  was going to change somethings and that what she did indeed. Control became the blueprint for the pop artist through out the eighties and beyond. Her brother Michael set a blaze with his best selling album "Thriller." Janet had two lack luster albums which her self titled debut album and Dream Street.

 Third time was the charm, Control sent Janet into orbit, this is still one of my favorite albums, from one of my all time favorite artists. It is amazing that Control was released thirty years ago, I was in my first year of school. I am telling my age, as young as I was I remember a lot about this album, all the videos.

The award shows apearances etc, Janet pretty much through out a good portion of my childhood days had an album out. Control was released when I was in Pre -K. Second grade when Rhythm Nation came out, Sixth Grade when "Janet" came out. And high school was the Velvet Rope Era. 

Since 1986 this lady music has been apart of my life and it all started with control, and my how the times files. What is interesting is that I am currently going thru an employment change and after sometime with present place of employment. I finally took some control back into my life and made some much needed changes that will be going on through out this year. 

Well I believe everyone should have their own sound track, and I guess Control will be mines for 2016

Happy Birthday Control.....


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