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The Album Release:

Month two of 2016 and music is rolling in and the biggest album buzz that is going on is Rihanna latest project Anti. And the roll out of the album has been quite interesting to say the least. Well to start off Rihanna had posted a picture of her self with  a really expensive set head phones on with  a caption saying listening to the Anti album.

That was on January 26th and then two days later streaming service Tidal released the album on January 28th. And according to the RIAA, Anti has went platinum in one day and that is due to Samsung buying one million albums. Jay Z did the same thing in 2013 with his album Magna Carta thru Samsung. Fans were given a code and then able to access it to stream or download the album. 

This time around, Rihanna had followed suit with the same business model for her album set up. The unknown album release I like to call this the Beyonce Model. Where an artist just release an album at any given moment and it sales like hotcakes. That is all good and all but me personally I was impressed by that one time and that is when Beyonce did it. Not so much because it was  Beyonce and not trying to compare the two artists. 

Many artist after Beyonce and before Rihanna has done the let if fly approached, however what made it so significant when Beyonce did it. There was no talks of an album, no press release, no single, no speculation. No producers name dropping that there we working with her in the studio. None of that so on that day in December 2013, when Beyonce dropped her self titled album, the game of music was forever changed.

Don't get me wrong I have more access to music more than ever before in this life, but sometimes like I mentioned in the past, sometimes it is nice to build that anticipation. It was cool when J.Cole let the world know prior to his album release in 2014 he would be releasing a project and it was a bout weeks until the release. 

No single or video but it was a heads up that the album was coming and that was a good enough notice, myself and many other fans looked forward to 2014 Forrest Hills Drive. And it was a good body a work from Jermaine Cole, (love ST. Tropez).  Well Rihanna did release Four Five Seconds and Bitch better have my money. Which is not on the album and kind of a bummer because those songs was alright.

The Album Leak:

Now on the album being accidentally leaked to the Tidal, bull crap it is 2016 and Napster no longer exist so cut it out. According to reps at Tidal, the  release of the Anti album was a an accident; Spilling milk is an accident, forgetting to take garbage out is an accident. I don't understand why we need to say the album was leaked.

It was too smooth of a transition from talking about an album coming out, a picture being posted of Rihanna listening to the album and then it being released and then fans were given a code to down load it from Tidal. All this happened in the last week of January, so the album leaking by accident a not gone fly this time around.

System errors happens, however if that was the case it would have just placed online to be consumed. It seems to me like this was just a sloppy album roll out by the looks of things.  Premature release? Yes by all means, an album leak? Nope, these labels are not slick at all.

The blame game is going around, Tidal pointing at Universal, and vice versa, at the end of day people got the album and liked it for the most part. Why tell the world that the album had leaked? No need for that. I have been purchasing my own music since 1992 and my local  corner stores use to sale boot leg tapes. Those were not put in those stores by accident especially when there was a severe abundance of bootlegs available.

With that being said there is no way back then and no way now that the music industry was not aware of an album leaking. In 2016 with all this technology we have at our disposal, that album and many others are coming out before hand because these labels do not believe in their artists like they would like us to believe.

Rihanna fan base is called the navy, they were going to support this album come hell or high water. Lets stop with the antics and give the people what they want,  and this is some solid music to listen to at the end of the.

Meanwhile I am still listening to the album I will follow up along with it along with other album reviews!


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