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Soul Star Live Ep 4

This is the podcast of episode four of "Soul Star Live", a Black/African cultural affairs program on Radio Phoenix. We devote this hour to discussing the health of the Black community in Arizona, with an emphasis on getting tested for HIV and knowing your status. Our guests this week are RJ Shannon of Native Health and Calicia White of Ebony House, both based in Phoenix. During the sound off we share and discuss an interview aired on Real Time with Bill Maher featuring Dr. Sam Chachoua, a research physician who claims to have a cure for HIV. This week we don't have a Soul Star Legend.

Hear the live show, Sundays 5pm to 6pm Arizona Time (UTC-7) at this link:

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Twitter: @soulstarlive1

RJ Shannon / Native Health:
Calicia White / Ebony House:
Info about Dr. Sam Chachoua:

Soul Star Live Ep 3

This is the podcast of episode three of "Soul Star Live", a Black/African cultural affairs program on Radio Phoenix. During the hour we sound off on the controversy at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, how historically the Denver Broncos have lost Super Bowls to teams with Black quarterbacks, Chris Rock changing the jokes he plans to tell during his upcoming Oscars hosting gig. We also feature Arizona music legend Walt Richardson II, and discuss the relevance of Black History Month 90 years after it launched.

Hear the live show, Sundays 5pm to 6pm Arizona Time (UTC-7) at this link:

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Twitter: @soulstarlive1

Gershom Williams

Walt Richardson:

Soul Star Live Ep 2

This is the podcast of episode two of "Soul Star Live", a Black/African cultural affairs program on Radio Phoenix.
During the hour we sound off on a myriad of current events; Such as Oscar diversity debate and should we still celebrate black history month? and many more topics. Also share the first half of our spotlight with part two of out interview with Mrs. Elizabeth White, founder of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe in Phoenix.

Hear the live show, Sundays 5pm to 6pm Arizona Time (UTC-7) at this link:

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Twitter: @soulstarlive1
Mrs. White's:

Soul Star Live Episode 1

Hello out there, as a part of this blog I will be saving episodes of a show I help produce called Soul Star Live, that airs on I am the music producer of the show, and it is produced by Kaja Brown, and features hosts, Calvin Worthen, Diva D, Lady Sincere and Dr. James Moore. It airs Each week 5pm Sunday MST.

Soul Star live airs  weekly, it is an cultural affairs radio program and podcast examining news, current events, arts and culture through the lens of persons of African descent.

This is the podcast of the premiere broadcast of "Soul Star Live", a Black/African cultural affairs program on Radio Phoenix. During the hour we sound off on a myriad of current events, share the first half of our spotlight on Mrs. Elizabeth White, founder of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe in Phoenix, and discuss where we are nearly 48 years after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., with our panel and the multi-talented Paris Toon.

Hear the live show, Sundays 5pm to 6…

In Review: The Grammies

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It has been a busy week, so I want to touch on some things that  has happened in the week, so here we go!

Grammy Week!

The Grammy awards recently passed this week on Feburary 15th and I sat and watch the show, and want to share this. It was an deeply boring award show, this award show has never been the off the chain type of show and I get that. However man they could have done a little spicing up, just a tad bit.  

Kendrick won five out of eleven of his grammy nominations for "Best Rap Performance, Best Rap, Sung Collabration, Best Rap Song. Best Rap Album."So he pretty Much Swept the rap catergory and it was well deserved. Some may feel for the fiasco the grammy's created a few years back where Kendrick was beat out by mackelmore. This is the grammy apology for that, however you look at it, To Pimp A Butter Fly was a good album and Kendrick deserve it. 

His perfomance though! If folks was mad about Beyonce superbowl performance, then some probabl…

Take A Moment......

Picture Source: Google Images I cannot believe it has been four years since the passing of the late great singer Whitney Houston, on February 11th 2012. Houston passed away in her hotel room, we know all the stories and the scandals that happened in the last decade of her life and I will not focus on that.

Today I would like to focus on what she brought and meant to music, simply known as the voice, Whitney was blessed with amazing gift of singing and I am so glad that I was able to witness her true talents.

I salute you Whitney Houston and may God bless your soul

R.I.P 8/9/63 -2/11/2012

Sad Fact:  Whitney was Brandy Idol and she passed on Brandy birthday. So if you follow Brandy on social media send her some wishes on this day

This Album is turning 31 on valentines day, my how times files.........

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Catch The Hook, Bring The Beat Back!

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So it has almost been a week since Beyonce released her song "Formation" and performed the song live at the Superbowl. And just a few days after all that transpired all hell has broken loose, right wing pundits on TV calling the song racist and anti-cop promotion. To an anonymous group coming together in the coming week to protest at the NFL headquarters to make sure that a Superbowl performance will not  happen like that again.

I see and hear all the different conversations in regards to this song, and honestly I don't see why all the hurt feelings is going around. Well let me rewind that back, I do see why folks are being emotional about all this. Because for the first time in this woman career  she made a song that was not a sing along in the car or a kids bop rendition for radio Disney.

She didn't make a song for the dance moms to make their daughters practice there dance routines to. Formation is not watch me nae, nae …

All In Formation

Google Images: Beyonce  Formation Video
 My When you take a break from internet and social media for a day, all hell breaks loose I tell you. So once again like a thief in the night.  Mrs. Carter wanted to show her face to the world again, a day before her half time perfomance with Cold Play she drops a visual for her song "Formation"

Set in the the town of New Orleans LA, this time I knew she was up to something, about a few weeks back. She was spotted in the area of nawlings do something with a camera crew and low and behold she was making a music video.

It was reported earlier this week that Beyonce fired all her staff at her company Parkwood Entertainment, including her manager as well as her own personal assistant which is her cousin. And has rebuild with a new team in place.

Sounds like Beyonce is preparing for a quiet storm in the industry, she cleaned house from top to bottom. Now dropping new music on the people like bam here I am. Not sure what is up this lady sleeve …

Game Changer: 30th Aniversary Of Janet Jackson Control

Photo Source: Google Images - Janet Jackson Control Album
I was five years old and this video would come on, of Janet Jackson dancing thru the streets looking for her crush. I love the song "When I Think Of You"  It was a fun time in those in days, music videos was fun and colorful and Janet was becoming  a mega star in her own right.

Thirty years ago on Febuary 4th 1986, Janet Jackson third album Conrol hit streets and set the music world on fire. It produced seven consectative singles. "What Have You Done For Me Lately, Nasty, When I think of you, Control, Let's Wait Awhile, The Pleasure Principle, Funny How Time Files".

Critically acclaimed album to let the world know Ms. Jackson had arrived and she  was going to change somethings and that what she did indeed. Control became the blueprint for the pop artist through out the eighties and beyond. Her brother Michael set a blaze with his best selling album "Thriller." Janet had two lack luster albums whi…

Remembering Trayvon Martin

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I want to send a belated happy birthday and prayers for what would have been Trayvon Martin 21st birthday. On February 26th 2012 twenty one days after Trayvon seventeenth birthday, after coming home from the store in Sanford Florida he was killed by the neighbor watch captain.

We all know the rest of the story, and I am not going to go into details on my thoughts on the tragedy that happened to this young man. All I can say I is that I hope and pray that his Mother, Father, Brother and rest of the Martin family. Will at some point gain some peace and comfort since dealing with the loss of Trayvon. 

May God bless your soul Trayvon Martin 2/5/95 - 2/26/12

Sometimes we have to remember we are going to be alright.....

Youtube: Kendrick Lamar - Alright

Noir Niche part II: And The Award Goes to.......

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At this stage in the game do artists of color in world of film really need oscars to acknowledge their work? Well that has been the debate with the trending topic being #oscarsowhite has been the current theme for about a year now. Since the release of the nominations for the eighty eighth annual Oscar awards coming up displayed once again a predominatley white selection of nominees.

The Oscars was established on May 16th 1929, so with that being said it was never designed for people of color to succeed in the arts and the film academy. Hollywood is an old regime still to this day and you know what that is alright. That is ok for it to be that way, I know you are thinking well why would say that Shema?

We need to become more diverse and be accepted, that was what many in history faught for Shema! You are exaclty right, I support diversity all day everyday. As much as I want to see a change in things like the Oscars. I also and very much so want people of col…

R.I.P Maurice White

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Singer songer writer, musician, record producer and band leader of the awesome and wonderful group Earth, Wind and FIre, passed away Febuary 4th 2016 at the age of 74 from complications of Parkinson's disease. He leaves behind an amazing musical  legacy. May God bless his family and friends during this time.
Maurice White 12/19/41 - 1/4/16 R.I.P

Anti Establishment

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The Album Release:
Month two of 2016 and music is rolling in and the biggest album buzz that is going on is Rihanna latest project Anti. And the roll out of the album has been quite interesting to say the least. Well to start off Rihanna had posted a picture of her self with  a really expensive set head phones on with  a caption saying listening to the Anti album.
That was on January 26th and then two days later streaming service Tidal released the album on January 28th. And according to the RIAA, Anti has went platinum in one day and that is due to Samsung buying one million albums. Jay Z did the same thing in 2013 with his album Magna Carta thru Samsung. Fans were given a code and then able to access it to stream or download the album. 
This time around, Rihanna had followed suit with the same business model for her album set up. The unknown album release I like to call this the Beyonce Model. Where an artist just release an album at any given moment and it sales…