Where Are We?

Image source: Google Images Dr. King:

Today we celebrate of  what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King 87th birthday, his life was cut short at the age of thirty nine in April 1968 in Memphis Tennessee.  Dr. King was about peace, unity and change for the African American community to live as citizens with respect and dignity in the united states.

He preached, he marched, went to jail to combat the social Injustices that was happening in the world during that time period. He fought for the equality for all the races to live and get along amongst one another. The message was simple and clear and not that hard to understand.

Because of the likes of Dr. King, Brother Malcolm X and many others who fought for someone like  Barack Obama to be voted as president of the united states not once but twice into the oval office.  We have came far but we have a ways to go in this thing called life.

I was born  in the 8o's and grew up in the 90's, long after Dr. King assignation, civil rights, Jim Crow, lunch counter sit in's protest, Rosa Parks refusal to give up her seat on the bus to a white man after a long day. I didnt get witness any of that, they were chapters in my history books, well the ones in my house, because schools sold us a fairy tale.

And in these thirty odds years on earth I am now going through my own era of living day to day seeing social injustices.  Dr. King didn't march for Trayvon Martin to get shot killed for being a young black boy walking home from getting snacks at the store.  He didn't march for Sandra Bland to get pulled over and arrested for failure of using a traffic signal and only to end up dead three days later in her cell.

I know he didn't march for Eric Gardner to be detained and brought down by the police officers and strangled when repeatedly stated  that he could not breathe. He surely didn't march for Shaun Bell to be shot at  numerous times after coming home from his bachelor party. Or for  Oscar Grant to  be shot and killed by a  Bart transit police officer at the train station. Or for a twelve year old boy name Tamir Rice to be shot and killed for being mistaken to have a toy gun.

He didnt march for  cities like Chicago to be known as Chiraq, or other cites across the states to cause mothers and fathers to grieve the loss of their child and family members preparing for funerals of their love ones who was just trying to come home after work and were killed due to a random shooting. I know that is not  what Dr. King fought for.

The speeches and arrest was not for us to display our dysfunction on reality TV every single week, sell it in our music. Or to be ratchet and live in the turn up era, his death was not for all these things to happen. well at least from my perspective my belief was that what Dr. King wanted for us  to become something better. 

He surely didnt go through all that he went through for this generation to be screaming black lives matter, that should be something is a fact, black lives do matter and that all our lives matter we should not have to fight for that. There has been a lot of changes since Dr. King have passed, but we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. 

It is still a question out there and that question is where are we?


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