To Be Young........

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 In life the average 37 year old in some cases, some are married with children, business owners, entrepreneurs, just all around an a adult. Or some see the age of thirty seven as one step closer to forty, getting older, some people feel old at that age.  But there are some of us that do not even get to see the age thirty seven.

At the Age of twenty two singer Aaliyah passed away in plane clash along with eight others on August 25th 2001. Leaving after a video shoot in the bahamas, as we approach the fifteen year anniversary of her passing sometimes it is good to reflect the life that we have. 

January 16th would have been Aaliyah thirty seventh birthday. She never got a chance to celebrate her 25th, 30th or 35th birthday. Aaliyah birthday is two months before mines and she was two years older than me, as I get older I have learned to embrace my age. I can't change it and If I could would not dare to, If so would I would not have had the chance to grow up on Aaliyah music and that would have been tragic. 

My father left this earth at the age of thirty five and my mother passed in her early forties.
I cannot help to think  how grateful for everyday that I get and lord willing I get to see my thirty fifth birthday and beyond. I would often Imagine of how Aaliyah life and career would have turned out. There are so many scenarios that run through my mind of how it would be and some where down the line I will share my thoughts on this blog.

In the meantime it will be the greatest mystery never told, well think God for imagination.....

Happy Belated Birthday and R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton

1979 -2001 

And R.I.P to my Parents, who passed the gift of love for music down to me, I thank you and my God Bless all your souls

Love Always


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