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Beggin and Pleadin  By Brandy. audio  from soundcloud,com (4everbrandy)

Happy new years everyone, and welcome back to the blog, I appreciate each  and everyone who view this site. And those that are new to this site. I talk about range of topics. but the main topic is music, and  that is due to the fact, that I am nerd to the music culture. I love all forms and genres, but my heart is R&B and my head is hip-hop.

My focus  right now in music is my love of R&B, last year there was some good albums, EP's and mixtapes that came out. So many offerings came from a lot of artist in the rhythm and blues world that I simply  could not count and that is a good thing.

But that was yesterday let focus on today, let me start off by saying R.I.P to the greatest jazz vocalist of our time. Ms. Natalie Cole, she was the daughter of late jazz singer Nat King Cole. They created one of the greatest duets ever. In 1991 Natalie performed a duet with her late father on the remake of his song Unforgettable.

Natalie early in her career went  though her trial and tribulations with drug addiction and fought the good fight to get clean and went on to have a wonderful career. As her family stated, she died how she lived and that was fearless. So with that being said once again rest in peace my beautiful sister, and becuase of artist like Ms.Cole. she help create a lane for many artists to travel, and one artist that has traveled down that lane.

Is some one that I grew up with and that is none other than Brandy, earlier this week she released a track called "Beggin & Pleadin" on her soundcloud  page under the moniker 4everbrandy. Unexpected and pleasantly surprised to say the least.

What I like about this song is that she bridged the old with the new, long story short, she made a trap blues song. And I am not mad at Brandy for that, the timing of the song was perfect, she released it the same day as her show debut on BET called "Zoe ever after". The layering of the song production is clever and catchy with the bluesy guitar lick with a break beat.

Never I thought I would see the day where I would here lines like "All them b--tches won't love you like I do, or I got a couple ni--as that I could call come from the Brandy catologue of music. However it is 2016 that is everyday language. Could I live with out some of the wording? Yes, but I am not a hater, I get it, that is the way of the sound these days.

Overall I like this song and happy that Brandy is the one kicking off the new year with some heat. She got her new show, dropping new music making it feel like 1996 again. No in all seriousness she was doing this twenty years ago and that is a beautiful thing. I lowkey want to cry tears of happiness, but I am not, well not today.

Anyways check out the track, show the homie some love and support her show and continue to support this blog.


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