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Mo to the....The 20th Aniversary of Moesha

Video Source Youtube: The Intro to Moesha

It was January 1996, I was a young fourteen year old girl who lived in Buffalo NY, I was in eighth grade. On Saturday nights I would watch this show, it came on around 11pm, My mother would look through the TV guide (Life before google)  and make sure to remind me to watch this show every Saturday. I made sure right before I went to bed I watched this show. 

The channel this show came on was not available in Buffalo at the time, so it came on another network on the weekends. The show I am talking about is none other  than "Moesha" starring one of my all time favorite artist Brandy, along with Countess Vaughn, Marcus T Paulk, William A. Young, Sheryl Lee Ralph, the late Lamont Bentley, Shar Jackson and the late Yvette Wilson.

So in the Fall of 1996, the UPN network that carried the show made it's way to Buffalo and this show became apart of my weekly TV line up on Tuesday nights.

Moesha was a show about a teenage girl who lived with her father and brother, along with her new step mother, trying to navigate life with her three best friends. The show spoke on a range of topics from: Date rape, S.A.T.'s, Teen pregnancy, Interracial dating, sex, drug use, etc. 

For me as a Teen this was an important show, the main character of this show was an young African American girl. Who like many of us dealt with the growing pains of being a young girl of color living life in America . Since then  there has not been a show like it, of course there has been many shows since then that has come and gone but none was like Moesha. 

Before I end this post and on a serious note I have questions, like seriously who kidnapped Miles? It hurt my feelings that this was not resolved. I still hope and pray the there is a final lost episode that hidden in a safe in Brandy's  house or a final script. Wishful thinking I know, but I am going to keep believing that.

Til this day I do still watch Moesha in reruns, I love that show, She was smart and witty, her friends was funny as hell and her brother was a pest but lovable. And she had the cutest boyfriends, when she got with Q (Fredo Starr) man it was lit. She even had Usher play an love interest around the time his second album "My Way" was out, damn I miss the 90's.

Twenty years Later Brandy is staring back in her own show on BET show called  "Zoe Ever After" talk about coming full circle.

Well Happy 20th anniversary Moesha, you have played a pivotal roll in my childhood years, funny how time files..........

Image Source Wikipedia: Cast of Moesha Season 1 1996

 Rest in Peace to.....

Lamont bentley.jpg 
Lamont Bentley played Hakeem Campbell
1973 - 2005


Yvette Wilson played Andell Wilkerson
1964 - 2012

 Merlin Santana played Ohaji
1976 - 2002

Images Source: Wikipedia & Google



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