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Noir Niche Part 1: Remember The Urban Teen Magazine?

Image Source: Tashema  - Childhood Artifacts

Part One of a Three Part Series: The Urban Teen Magazine

In the first few weeks of 2016, it's has been a interesting January thus far, everything from race to poisoned water in Flint Michigan. We got the debate of #Oscarsowhite to Stacey Dash saying we need to eliminate BET and Black History Month.

All  these topics I will speak about separately on another post, in regards to diversity and segregation. I was at the drug store recently and went to browse the magazine section (Yes people still to do that). And I was blown away that magazines like Tiger Beat is still being sold in physical copies and there was a couple other teen magazines still around.

I took the Tiger Beat mag and filp through it to see who was in it, I seen Taylor Swift, One Direction and Bieber. And host of other teens and young adults that I was not to familiar with. For one I am no longer in that age group, so I don't keep up with these genre of teens and further mo…

Mo to the....The 20th Aniversary of Moesha

Video Source Youtube: The Intro to Moesha
It was January 1996, I was a young fourteen year old girl who lived in Buffalo NY, I was in eighth grade. On Saturday nights I would watch this show, it came on around 11pm, My mother would look through the TV guide (Life before google)  and make sure to remind me to watch this show every Saturday. I made sure right before I went to bed I watched this show. 

The channel this show came on was not available in Buffalo at the time, so it came on another network on the weekends. The show I am talking about is none other  than "Moesha"starring one of my all time favorite artist Brandy, along with Countess Vaughn, Marcus T Paulk, William A. Young, Sheryl Lee Ralph, the late Lamont Bentley, Shar Jackson and the late Yvette Wilson.

So in the Fall of 1996, the UPN network that carried the show made it's way to Buffalo and this show became apart of myweekly TV line up on Tuesday nights.